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Record year for incoming tourism    Ynetnews
1. Tourism
Israel is a beautiful, fun and fascinating country. Why wouldn't people want to come.
Alejandro ,   Santo Domingo, D.R.   (12.24.12)
2. Israel, the all in one place
It doesnt matter what you are into, you can find it, and more in israel. I think the number increase is also due to repeat visitors, everyone I know that visits goes back again and again.
jeff ,   USA   (12.24.12)
3. I will go for my 6th time....
I do find it facinating to visit my dysfunctional "" family""
alsky ,   Toronto   (12.27.12)
4. Simply, Israel!
It's great that more and more people are discovering Israel! Relative to other tourism destinations in the world, Israel really offers something for everyone! History, heritage, culture, religion, archaeology, leisure, adventure, sea & sun, pampering, shopping, culinary & wine, architecture, museums, art... such a small country and so much to do!
Shirrah Friedman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.28.12)
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