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Former chief Rabbi Bakshi-Doron charged with fraud    Aviel Magnezi
1. Rebbe can't be no crook or a Jew can be no wrong, no sir,...
split ,   US   (12.24.12)
2. Well, if Uri Regev can officially be a rabbi,
every Jew, religious or not, can be a rabbi. So what's the problem?
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
3. Crook
No shortage of Christians & Muslims crooks Imams & Priests. Look at your own hump
4. fraud
Nothing surprises me anymore, but what really annoys me is these preachers telling everyone how to lead their lives but in truth, they are scoundrels and fraudsters.
Mike ,   Uk   (12.24.12)
5. Rabbi Bakshi-Doron innocent till proven otherwise/
Some people are rushing to judgement with their cries of 'guilty' but we have not heard from the former Chief Rabbi himself. Let us wait to hear.
bob k ,   orlando usa   (12.24.12)
6. Looks like the wizard of OZ with those eye brows...
I guess he was using his Jewish wizardry when the money disappeared...
Observer ,   Planet Earth   (12.24.12)
7. What was his name again? Rabbi Bakshish!!
Right , his name says it all.
Alan Jackson ,   Los Angeles, U.S   (12.24.12)
8. # 5 bob k.let us wait to hear.
we heared enough.Israel should abolish the ministerium for godly afairs,and fire all the officials,rabanim,gabaim,shamashim, dancing around the golden calf,the money saved, should be used for secular education for haredi children,in Russia,the Jews had a name for such rabbis:Rav mettam,a rabbi who represents the Russian government,not the Jewish people,in this case,the official bakshi,represented only himself .
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.25.12)
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