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Iran tells citizens to avoid 'high-risk' US travel    AFP
1. Iranians: Come on over!!!!
Despite what your 'official' government line is about the 'Great Satan,' we Americans know you are a wonderful people only wanting to live free from the stranglehold that the regime has on your lives. Come visit! Come stay! Leave the pathetic, petty, backward state that the regime has created. You'll find Americans welcoming and friendly. I know, I married one!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.24.12)
2. It's going to hurt the US economy. lolll
David ,   Montreal Canada   (12.24.12)
3. Can't go to U.S. - Come to Israel - same threat ! LOL
Iranian govt thought processes so-o-o twisted......
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.24.12)
4. Typical self serving Mullah propaganda
We Americans are educated enough not to confuse the warm, generous Persian people with its unfortunate and unhappy fundamentalist dictatorship in Iran. Their government is the equivalent of what would happen should the Westboro Baptist Church come to power in the USA.
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (12.24.12)
5. Afraid Iranians prefer life in USA
US visas are very popular in Iran and one cannot blame any Iranian for dreaming of freedom in the US.
Ron ,   US   (12.24.12)
6. Iran's problem ...
... is that most Iranians who travel to the United States don't bother to return. I'm guessing the "Islamic paradise" isn't all that wonderful. That would certainly explain why so many Iranians file for political refugee status in the United States.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.12)
7. Iranians the most pro west/Israel in the world
I am an Iranian and proud of it but don't confuse Iranians with the bunch of backward retards who have hijacked the running of a country buzzing with decent,hospitable and tollerent people.Living for the day that was, when Iranians travelled freely to Israel and El -Al had daily Tehran ,Tel Aviv flights, when the Persian Jews who still love and adore Iran can come back to the land who is gasping for them, you never know one day it might happen .I hope it will be in my life time , ps wouldn't be lovely to see Rita preform live for her people in Iran, it would need to be the biggest venue to cater for the hundreds of the thousands that would die to be there.
AA ,   UK   (12.24.12)
8. Don't Listen - Visit
Happen to know Persians that are living in the US and are quite happy. They worry about the folks back home in Iran.
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.25.12)
9. PM must not have
been watching Shahs Of Sunset lately. If other Iranians see how well people live in the US, they might leave Iran and never look back. This is simply propaganda 101, telling people the US is a threat. Back to my Cappucino . . .
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (12.25.12)
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