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Israel-hatred fuels Malaysian politics    Eldad Beck
1. Find islam, violence, false prophets, jihad, opression of
women, all in one book, the koran.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.24.12)
2. sounds just like erdogan
gingimax ,   istanbul   (12.24.12)
3. more hewers of wood
big mistake to pay attention to them. They get brownie points amongst the Gulf Arabs for talking rashly enuf to earn mention in the Israeli press (which arabs and jew-haters read avidly, witness Split & this clown in Minnesota). Focus all energy on building in E1; clarify that it is to send "Palestine" where the Confederate States of America got saent. Stop wasting time reading the comic-book news from the foreign countries.
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.25.12)
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (12.25.12)
5. #1
You can also find almost all of that in a haredi neighbourhood too, Bunny!
6. Describing America or Maylaysia?
"This country has no democracy. You can't express your opinion freely. The government controls he media. You can't believe a word of what is being printed in the papers. Instead of creating a shared national identity, they're creating cultural ghettos ...
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (12.25.12)
7. After all the malaysians converted to Islam under the sword
After all the malaysians converted to Islam under the sword. Your choice to folow the people that force you to join Islam, we Jews never coerce or even try to convince any one to join the Judaism. As far as your friends the Palestinians, you can tell them do not try to kill Israelis and not one hair from the top of their head will be plucked by Israel, they do not have even to acknowledge Israel, As far as I am concerned they can keep killing each other (Hamas & PLO). Israel will continue to be a leader in Hi-tech and getting Nobel Prizes while you Muslems busy being Muslems
JJJ   (12.25.12)
8. So sad to see people living in such utter darkness
But when the Messiah returns He will abolish Islam and all the tenets thereof.
9. Bloody Bumi
Malaysia's ruling Govt is a massive cesspool of corrupted leaders and they would do or use anything to cover it up. Including distraction by the hatred of Isreal. Fact of the matter is, some of their leaders are stashing money into Israeli banks in Singapore. The country is well on it's way to bankruptcy
zorro ,   NYC   (12.25.12)
10. #6
Your comment looks like you know this country inside out.Have you been to Malaysia???
peace ,   earth   (12.25.12)
11. #6 has nailed it
It must be intolerable to be an older American who fought in WW2 , Korea or Vietnam to see his country now destroyed from within. That once great nation has been wrecked . It makes me furious.
12. Islam under the sword
Not just Malaysia, but also Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh, and many more.
13. Right. Malaysia.
A country which considers witchcraft a capital offense. And has executed quite a few people for precisely that. Doesn't that say it all? Dumb, dumber and dumbest of all -- that would be Malaysia. But all their anti-Israel vitriol hasn't kept them from clamoring to purchase Israeli-manufactured missile defense systems. Go figure.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.12)
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