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Mofaz: Kadima to win 4-5 Knesset seats    Attila Somfalvi
1. There is justice.
Kadima born in sin, lived in sin, and now it will die in sin.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.27.12)
2. Good riddance
So happy this party is going down.
Rachel ,   US   (12.27.12)
3. Keep it UP Shaul, HONEST man.
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (12.27.12)
4. Mofaz "will make surprising gain" - loss of 85%
Lets see Kadima had the most seats in the last election at 28. So his "surprising gains" means that they will only loose 85% of the seats they won last time? Something is really wrong with his math
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.27.12)
5. good luck Mofaz
Be nice if he does get his 5 seats as long as they are take from Livni & Labor. It would be especially sweet justice if they came from Livni. Mofaz is the kind of man I think Bibi would like to have on his team, They worked together at Likud before Kadima came on the scene, he would help act as a counter to the hard right elements but he is also his party will be to weak to try and dictate terms. Livni will have a bigger ad more popular party so more influence and she is a harder person to do business with as far as Bibi is concerned. Sadly I think just like Zehavia Gal-On predicting 7 seats for Meretz Mofaz is also dreaming if he thinks Kadima will get 5 seats.
zionist forever   (12.27.12)
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