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Iran's Navy simulates enemy invasion    Dudi Cohen
1. 1/2 dozen cruise missiles will turn Iranian Navy into Hummus
Shep ,   Memphis   (12.30.12)
2. All Iran's military will be wiped out
One way or another - Iran will be crushed. Maybe good. But not good enough. Fools.
incredibly scary ,   awesome power   (12.30.12)
3. That will annoy the US Fleet for a few hours, what then?
Bunnie Meyer ,   LA, CA USA   (12.30.12)
4. Enjoy the drill Sarah B...
5. False confidence
Poor pathetic Iranians, they actually think they have such a thing as military defense. Yet they must do something to give themselves a pat on the back...even though it's all false confidence.
sk ,   USA   (12.30.12)
6. If anyone believes this is for show
Thing again And the irony? Drunk with power and an air of invincibility....they are openly practising what will be for real in a few weeks or months right under the worlds noses - seizing the Hormuz followed by the invasion of Bahrein - just for openers A couple of weeks ago I was just amazed to come across the openly brazen war noises and chatter about the 'imminent clash of the civilisations' and the 'dawning of the 'Great Persian Empire from Iran to Eygpt to Sudan and the Saudi Peninsula' Look at history..Time and again shows us that any country turning itself into such a warrior society arming itself to the teeth WILL USE IT...sooner or later 2013...Lets be prepared
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.30.12)
7. #6 it's for show,
this and all the other exercises are mainly to impress the Iranian population in case they have any ideas for regime change. A nuclear Iran is another matter
Get Real ,   UK   (12.30.12)
8. Whatever happened to...
...the Iranian warships Ahmedinajad was suppoed to have sent to cruise off the US Coast...?
richard mcenroe ,   Los Angeles CA   (12.30.12)
9. Tim, Brighton
We are prepared- Israel especially so. Recall how "The Mother of All Battles" was a damp squib... and the Arab wars against Israel flopped... and Taliban were routed? A war against the US Navy will be even more futile; US carriers and Saudi based aircraft will expose Iran as a 3rd world 'power'. Israel can defeat Iran even without US help.
Jim Fox ,   UK   (12.31.12)
10. TAKE TIME OFF..................................#9
To celebrate the new year.We have heard all this for the last six years from Sarah os US/Israel.No need for you to fantasize your dreams.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.31.12)
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