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How much for loaf of bread in Syria?    Doron Peskin
1. Why do they not eat croissants then?
If the people don't have bread, why don't they buy croissants?
M. Antoinette   (12.31.12)
2. I am amazed how life continues in war zone
With the state of affairs in Syria I am amazed that life can continue at all. How does a distribution network operate when there is such insecurity?
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.31.12)
3. above
hate to see people suffer but Syrians made Jews suffer while they lived well! now it is their turn.
moishe   (12.31.12)
4. Man, the wheel does turn!
From being the final word & shot caller in Lebanon, to now begging and smuggling bread/sugar from the Lebs (at the Leb price). From the ME heights to the ME depths.
Cameron ,   USA   (12.31.12)
5. These prices aren't too far off Tel Aviv, sooooo?
Israel has relative peace and we pay 3 dollars for a loaf of reasonable quality bread, if hate to see how much it's marked up should we have a war.
Aaron   (01.01.13)
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