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Obama's grandma visits Israeli hospital    Ofer Petersburg
1. Third world countries would do well to align with Israel
Instead of reflexively siding with the Arabs against Israel, look at the benefits their people can receive! Israel brings not only healthcare, but much needed agricultural technology, clean water, and other such basic industries.
Carl ,   USA   (01.04.13)
2. Send doctors, nurses and medical
technicians out of Israel. That way we can wait longer for medical care. Don't we have a shortage of these professions already. And they will still hate us no matter what we do for them.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.05.13)
3. Israel is a light on to all nations
There is no nation like Israel in the world that contributes so much positivity to humanity. There is no equivalent.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.05.13)
4. His grandma should recommend for her
Grandson to get his head examined at any hospital. Not sure if they can cure mega-ego disease?
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.05.13)
5. faithfulness
When have we seen Obama demonstrate any faithfulness toward Israel? Based on his past behavior I don't see why a kindness toward his relative would have any effect on his behavior or attitudes.
Ariella Abrahams ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.13)
6. curious to know if there is a relationship between
curious to know if there is a relationship between President Obama and his grandmother. Anyone know anything??
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.06.13)
7. #1
The people of third-world countries would be helped, but that is not how it works. These places are ruled by corrupt dictators who would rather received Arab oil money to be rich than help their people.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.06.13)
8. Light unto all nations
Chaem,Are you sure? It's true that Israel contributes so much to humanity BUT why this generousity is not extended to people in your own backyard. People in area C need hospital/school,housing,clean,water,sewerage etc... Are they not part of the ALL nations?
Peace   (01.07.13)
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