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87 settlements on national priority list     Ofer Petersburg
1. And what did you expect from a settler driven government?
2. Biased Reporting
So Sderot received help one can deduce but the reporter accidently on purpose omitted the figures.
Zechariah   (12.31.12)
3. Gaza Expulsion made way for a rain of rockets
Like it or not, it seems the Israeli residents are the first line against Palestinian terror. So unless you want to put up repairs on a perpetually broken communities, I wouldn't badmouth the Jewish communities just yet.
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (12.31.12)
4. Once again Likud screws its supporters
Of course it is precisely the people who support the Likud who get harmed by this, as the billions that could have developed the non-development towns bave been squandered in the territories. The Likud is no longer walking Israel to a cliff - it is going full throttle.
Taxpayer ,   Hod-Hasharon   (01.01.13)
5. Bending Over for the Jewish Terror Cells
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (01.02.13)
6. #1, #4
Just an example of biased reporting. For instance, kibbutzim, far richer than any "settlement" are also on the list. Does that kibbutz-driven government bother you? Ashkelon and Ashdod are wonderful places to live, and certainly don't need tax breaks and subsidies. If you want to give money because of the rockets, what about Gedera and Rishon? If money was given according to socioeconomic status, the most subsidized place would be Bnei Brak. Would you agree? Or will you only be satisfied if Ramat Aviv, Hod Hasharon and Caesaria would get subsidies?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.02.13)
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