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Israel bans excessively skinny models
1. Thank you State nannies
for taking such good care of us. May I also recommend forks and knives be banned, they are primary contributors to obesity AND they are dangerous deadly weapons in the wrong hand.
Citizen   (01.03.13)
2. Weight restriction on models
Finally someone in the modelling world is stepping up. Good for Israel for perhaps saving some lives. Hopefully the rest of the world will do so also.
Robyn Trippfriesen ,   Whitehorse Canada   (01.03.13)
3. the miracle of "therapy"
out of the blue comes this charge of the dangers of anorexia. Wait, where ==is== this massive wave of dead/injured kids? Never existed? Ok, never mind, we'll agitate until the "psychological counseling" becomes a insurance-paid gravy train for those of us who couldn't pass a semester of calculus back in college!!
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.04.13)
4. agree with #2...
...we are designed to eat nutritiously and Hashem wills for us to give these physical bodies proper care for wholeness consists of spiritual + mental + emotional + could one be happy being starved to death web reader ,   Niles.IL.USA   (01.04.13)
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