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Habayit Hayehudi's radical side    Moran Azulay
1. MK Nissim Slominansky Clueless homophobe
'Gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone else or change the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. It’s not about singling out one group and giving them special rights; it’s about giving everybody the same rights. Fundamentalist cultures and religions are afraid of what their followers might learn, or learn to think for themselves. This is a threat to the religious leaders whose major objective in life is holding onto power and influence over their followers.
Yoni ,   Hertzaliya   (01.03.13)
2. Likud/Beitenu and Left are scared....
I can't tell who is more nervous: Likud/Beitenu or the left. Bayit HaYehudi must be doing something right. Naphtali Bennett, chazak ve' amatz!!!!
Mitchell Cohen ,   Gush Etzion, Israel   (01.03.13)
3. Who is here radical?All decent Jewish man and women.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (01.03.13)
4. oh no!
seriously? Opposition to same-sex marriage is right wing but not radical extremist right wing, its a pretty normal view in the centre-right/right in most countries... I think in hindsight most people oppose removing jews from gaza, calling the majority of people in your country radical right wing extremists is a classic left-wing move but its just stupid and won't help them
pete ,   San Jose   (01.03.13)
5. #3 Olim still wearing the rose colored glasses i see
Dont worry luv reality will soon set in.
Haim ,   TA   (01.03.13)
6. what about radical side of Avoda????
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.03.13)
7. #6 well said
#1 Lapid party: a draft dodger #1 Labor party: an avowed communist, #5 a draft dodger Labor, Lapid, Livni: all three parties radical Left who ignore reality of rockets on Rishon and demand Arab state in Judea and Samaria.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.03.13)
8. They would be considered "radical" by Meretz
Being against the disengagement, being opposed to gay marriage & living in the settlements does not make someone "radical". Supporting the eviction of people from their homes and demonizing fellow Jews because they do not agree with a far-left, political agenda does make someone "radical". Most on Habayit Hayehudi's list are moderates, which includes many secular party members.
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.03.13)
9. Those who fought Disengagement were 100% correct.
This article is a pathetic screed from a scared leftist. Disengagement was an absolute catastrophe that cost Israel endless war and thousands of rockets from Gaza. Those who fought Disengagement were 100% correct.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.03.13)
10. since when is normal equal to radical?
I do not see anything wrong with their views, rather it is the very liberal left that can not understand what makes a Jew different from a non-Jew who is a radical. BTW in chemistry a radical is a weird form of composition similar to this crazy composition.
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.03.13)
11. Let's talk about Obama's radical side.
Because that is who Israel's next government will face and as radical as Moran Azulay thinks Habayit Hayehudi members are, they don't hold a candle to Obama and his anti-Israel administration. If Obama is a portent of things to come (I fear he is), Israel had better elect some people who can stand up to him / them. The Republicans are showing us the futility of negotiations and good faith with Obama.
Steve Klein   (01.03.13)
12. Habayit Hayehudi
The Bennet media witch hunt, perhaps borne out of a fear that a religous party will play a key part, is so obvious people can see through it. The people of Israel aren't stupid; most rightists won't be washed way with the bulls**t tsunami. In fact, the anti-Habayit Hayehudi agenda blatantly projected throughout the Israeli media is helping Bennet's party garner votes. Am Yisrael wants to elect a stable and consistent, zionistic and pragmatic government. Netanyahu has been dilly dallying for years, refusing to really take any side (on the settlements issue, for example) in attempt to please everyone. Nobody wants an indecisive and weak government. Habayit Hayehudi, meanwhile, seems to have its beliefs cemented and outlined clearly for all to see. They appear to be a strong party. By the way, the term 'extremist' is subjective; does taking a stance on a particular issue render one 'exteremist'?! Brace yourselves for a Bayit Hayehudi success.
Anonymous ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.03.13)
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