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Likud members livid over anti-Bennett campaign    Akiva Novick
1. Naftali Bennett = The Netanyahu of 30 years ago
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.04.13)
2. Israel is cursed with the "leaders" we have
in office.We need a two term limit and then silence from the retirees. We have politicians that spend decades ruining our country. And we like fools reelect them again and again. We need to allow only those that served in the security forces to vote, sit in the knesset or work in government. Once a politician finishes his term(s), then for the next three generations his immediate family members should be banned from all politics, except for voting.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.04.13)
3. Both parties are racist, fanatical ethnic cleansers
Feiglin and Bennett are peas in a pod. They deserve one another.
Gioira Me'ir ,   USA   (01.04.13)
4. The national Religious
First the Russians are not religious and I'd like a poll of who votes Likud who is Religious .Second Habayit ought to remember the Noachide Residents are to be treated with respect on not have their olive trees uprooted We will need deep and impenetrable Nuclear shelters throughout Israel for Arab and Jew the Arabs who are not Jihadi or Fatah Ba'ath are under Jewish Protection from the psychobarbarians .
Zechariah   (01.04.13)
5. Israel needs resounding Patriotic Right victory.
Now is the time for all patriots to put aside their differences and work for a resounding Patriotic Right victory. We must not tolerate any more Oslo Disasters. No more lunatic concesions like those of Lebanon and Gaza. It's time to end the madness on leftist rule once and for all.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.13)
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