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Gantz: Harpaz affair saw abuse of power    Yoav Zitun
1. A sad day for Israel!
May one ask where our "Great Leader", Prime Minister Netanyahu, when this mini putsch was going on in his kindergarten? No doubt he was too busy figuring out a way to stay in power and finding a way to screw the middle-class out of more money! Maybe this is a question that Naphtali Bennett should be asking!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.07.13)
What on earth is wrong with these israelis ? can they not ,just for once in their lives , do things in an honest and respectable and straight manner ? why do they have to behave like a corrupt third-world nation ?
Israel has no need for external enemies .Its own internal hatred and infighting will cause its demise without foreign / external input.
4. IDF
the Israeli Commandos are sick, they are inspiration for all spec ops
Jefferson ,   USA   (01.07.13)
5. ehud barak
so barak can fix watches. Does that mean that bibi is so in awe of him that he lets him doing everything on his own. He screwed up the marmora, wanted out on cast lead and syrian hit, bluffed totally on iran and made enemies right within the idf. Ge t out already and bibi who stupidly picked mofaz and then barak should be thinking of retiring early with his hesitancy and stupid political moves like mofaz, then barak, then lieberman and attacking bennett. If you cannot take a decision and that is it, then you have n o business as PM and of course neither do idiots like yechaimovitz, livni and lapid. Concessioins do not work period endof story.
milson   (01.07.13)
6. A schnorrer people can never be a nation
When people are too busy looking at others plate and being envious of anything and anything, the nation suffers. Such as it is with Israels sorry excuse for leadership. Schnorrers pretending the have Israels best interest at heart, all the while simply doing it for themselves. Its time to clean house in the government, the IDF the courts, everywhere. Its rotten to the core.
Al   (01.07.13)
7. Shows Netanyahu's weakness
What was he doing while all this nonsense was going on?
Rachel ,   US   (01.07.13)
8. Dreyfus
Israeli dreyfus affair.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.07.13)
9. War of generals
This reminds me of general joab in the bible who murdered general abner because of military post. This is still in play.
John the grace ,   Lagos, nigeria   (01.07.13)
10. Harpaz Affair
The biggest obstacle for peace has historically been the military. From the very beginning the military has always acted as the protector of a democratic state while going around the prime ministers, and doing whatever they pleased, Instead of being advocates of peace and negotiations they chose expansion and war. With this in mind, I believe that Gantz needs to do much more than an artificial investigation. The entire system needs to go on trial.
Joe mevorah ,   Lincoln, U.S.A.   (01.07.13)
11. clean
It is time to clean the government and have honest men who want to serve the people.
john ,   toronto   (01.07.13)
12. The Armchair General by LazyBoy
Mea   (01.08.13)
13. an honest answer to MR. CYNIC
the entire harpez affair stinks of foreign meddling in israel's internal affairs. of course, certain israelis are corrupt to their rotten core.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.08.13)
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