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Ashkenazi papers ignore Shas rabbi    Kobi Nahshoni
1. Well, boys, here's the solution
Put his photo all over the front page and say: "Recover quickly, friend" And on 2nd page print an ad asking for your readers to set aside petty differences and pray for a fellow orthodox Jew. If somebody ill-interprets that, he is not evil, he is an idiot.
John ,   Europe   (01.16.13)
2. nice to see lunatics attacking each other...
rather than us, the secular majority! Prayer? really? It NEVER ceases to amaze me that in an age of space travel and simultaneous long distance communications there are still medieval superstitious Orthodox loons who think prayers to some deity will affect things on earth! what a farce! They need an immediate r-education! Aside from that, the inane racism between the ashkenazim and mizrachim is a shame. Maybe if these sectarian parties adopted Zionism they would see beyond their alleged ethnic differences!
ej ,   tlv   (01.15.13)
3. So actually - there is no story!
You answered the issue yourselves - there was no malicious intent here so why give the impression in the headline that there was?
Shalom Hartman   (01.16.13)
4. Ultra ultra
John, my friend you must be a xian Zionist. Zionism has everything to do with Judaism. Without the religious connotation Ben Gurion would have lived in Uganda. The orthodox segment is the only part of the Jewish uma that still attaches any religious significance to Zionism. Non religious Israelis in a few generations won't know or care why Jews live in Israel.
Disc jockey ,   Canada   (01.16.13)
5. Ultras orthodox
Their is a big diference in linking Judaism and the land of israel and being an ultra ultra lunatic orthodox We should have a "numerous closus " Law that limit they number in israel and they should have the same obligations that all other CITYZENS No obligations no rights
Edouard ,   Canada   (01.16.13)
6. This article is plain Lasshon Haraa. Shame on YNETNEWS
7. 5 Edouard,Are you for an Arab...
majority in Israel,by proposing a numerous clausus on Haredi?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.16.13)
8. #5, Agree in full -- Jews live in Canada, Israelis in Israel
The Israeli culture is different and culture is what defines people. Like the Hebrew language, for instance. Or Israeli music and dances, and knowing what goes on south of tahana merkazit. Israeli Arabs know all that and they, like me, are Israelis. As Israelis we should not ignore it when one of us has suffered a stroke and we wish Rabbi Ovadia Yosef hahlama mehira. May he go home fully recovered, pray proficiently for the good fortune of his country, for a successful draft and full integration in Israeli society of Haredi youths, and to the best of his ability may he stay out of politics.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.17.13)
9. as if there are not more important subjects
to write about as the illness of an old man .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.13)
10. Every sane human being should ignore Shas "Rabbi"
Dovid ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.13)
11. John's suggestion is excellent.
It's as Jewish as anything else suggested. It has a simple and noble quality-- I hope the parochial editors accept it. And I speak as an Othodox Jew.
pinchas ,   boston   (01.18.13)
12. To 9 , but an important old Man
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.13)
13. 10 So you are accusing the Sephardim of being insane?
Israel has a Sephardic majority and the Rav is held in high esteem by most Sephardim and by many Orthodox Ashkenazim accross the spectrem.
S Judah ,   jerusalem   (01.18.13)
14. 12 Important ?
For his useless stupid hatefull speeches ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.18.13)
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