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US: No use of chemical weapons in Syria    Reuters
1. US denies use of chemical weapons in
Syria is only because the US is impotent and can do nothing.
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.16.13)
2. Comparable to the Israeli approach to Gaza, eh #1?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.16.13)
3. What about the report from yesteray
Stating that the US would not know if a chemical weapon was used until it actually was. Here you have documented footage of chemical warfare side effects and the US are still in seems that since Obama has been in office he has been concentrating so hard on not following in the footsteps of GW Bush that he is causing more harm than good. It seems he is so scared of any repercussions he rather chooses the cowardly route of denying that any ABC warfare exists in Syria. Why does he not just send HEU to Iran free of charge while he is about it?
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (01.16.13)
4. TO 1
subject in Syria very complicated,There are Russia, China, India and the majority of Latin America supports Syria In order not to give the U. S an opportunity to individually in any international resolution,eventually all get is a fight for the top on the land of Syria
sam ,   colorado-US   (01.16.13)
5. If somebody had told me 20-30 years ago, that after the fall
of USSR the next nation to be manipulated in the grand tradition of Big Brother would be none other than the mighty USA I'd have that person committed ASAP! Just proves that if one lives long enough one gets to see things unimaginable... And as always, the most vicious doctrines/politic philosophies or plain stupidity has been ushered in by the help of Jewish people: thinking of all Obama- voting Jewish zombies.
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
6. US denies or lies?
Confusing, isn't it? "Better living through chemistry" or, a better feeling from lying? More likely, the assessment has been made to let both warring sides of Islam slug it out, to the finish. Iran v. the Saudi's, it's only oil money and, unfortunately, the people of those with the oil money are dying like flies.... Sounds logical that a desperate Assad would revert this low, genocide hasn't stopped him yet.
bad Assed Jew   (01.16.13)
7. Chemical weapons
Gives one great confidence in US intelligence gathering. Suggest why don't they just ask the Israeli's what's going on in Syria?
Get Real ,   UK   (01.16.13)
8. Yes, Virginia . . .
there is a Santa Claus and No, Virginia, the Syrians are not using chemical weapons.
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (01.16.13)
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