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30 countries to attend TA tourism fair    Danny Sadeh
1. Why is this good news?
So Russia and Turkey will not participate and 161 other countries will not be represented either. I will be more convinced when at least 1/2 world sends their reps....this is actually quite pathetic.
Ben ,   US   (01.20.13)
2. #1 In recessed global economy
This is very good and only one of many tourism events for the year.
Deb ,   US   (01.20.13)
3. in 2012
there came a record number of foreign visitors
Jerry1800   (01.20.13)
4. 150 agents ?
Is this a joke. The show should be open to the thousands of tour operators around the world! Emulate the World Travel Mart in London or Fitur in Spain, and show the new products available in Israel , instead of the usual pilgrimages. You will then deserve " The Man of the year " award !
Elie Abitbol ,   Thornhill, Canada   (01.22.13)
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