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'Jewish terrorist' Jack Teitel convicted     Aviel Magnezi
1. Good news!!!!
i hope he rots in jail!!!
avner ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
2. Teitel killed unarmed Palestinians doesn't that make me a na
David   (01.16.13)
3. Jack Teitel Convicted
Although I am RIGHT WING, but I do not agree to these brutal killing.
4. Send this coward to Gaza
No raison to use money to keep him a life…
Golani ,   Harezt   (01.16.13)
5. Stooping down to the Palestinians level
Stupid is as stupid does.
Avi   (01.16.13)
6. I'm confused!
aren't terrorists concidered freedom fighters? Aren't we supposed to parade him, and call him a national hero? oh wait no! i forgot, we're civilized!
ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.16.13)
7. Convicted
Don't suppose the conviction will get reported much outside of Israel
Get Real ,   UK   (01.16.13)
8. So put him in prison
Perhaps he can live communally with other prisoners, enjoy nice meals, have the use of a mobile phone, get engaged and put a videotape of his engagement party on Facebook. He's a Jewish murderer; he deserves to be treated just like ersatz "Palestinian" murderers.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.16.13)
9. Killed unarmed Arabs, does that qualify for a medal from the
racist goverment. Guess he is israeli's newest hero.
BDS   (01.16.13)
10. #6 Dont be confused a Terrorist is a Terrorist no Matter whe
I am a Palestinian and i am telling you People with Brains, Educated people, Civilized people whatever you want to call them dont celebrate terrorists! When Fogel Family was killed in cold blood we were crying here at my family's house as if its a relative, Humanity was killed, who did it is a Terrorist that will burn ion hell forever. If you see some people on TV celebrating thats not the entire palestinian community, cause, civilized and people with brains still exist. Abbas has brains and is civilized he is trying to talk peace with the Israelis, but the right wing is still determined that there is no west bank! is still determined that there is no 2.5 + million palestinians sitting in the west bank... Abbas police forces were protecting Rachel Tomb in Bethlehem while Hamas was hitting Gaza, I bet you dont know that but i have seen that with my own eyes. Its time for decisions... Do you want a jewish state with 3.5 million palestinians?? or do u want a two state splution? now think
Freedom Fighter ,   East Jerusalem   (01.16.13)
11. "Confessions"
But was he tied to a chair and electrocuted till he "confessed" because it's not unusual for the Shin Bet to manufacture "right wing extremist terrorists." So, who can we trust??!! In any case, it seems TOTALLY OBVIOUS that this guy is completely INSANE!
Riva ,   Israel   (01.16.13)
12. I wish
A man who was held by GSS for 3 weeks without a lawyer, then held without bail for three years is convicted of serious crimes because his court-appointed attorneys signed a confession in his name. I would feel better if there had been evidence to convict him of these crimes.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.16.13)
13. No. 7
The court convicted Tytell (not "Teitel") of murder because he committed murder, not to make hasbara points abroad.
Naftush ,   Israel   (01.16.13)
14. If we just do it his way !
The world would be a great place to live in. Yes yes I know that's what Hitler said about the Jews. Only one thing though. He was right about the elimination of a nation. Just wrong about the choice. Yes yes. I am radical. But I am very very real.
Marc ,   Montreal   (01.16.13)
15. Why the use of " "
Why the use of " " for naming Jewish terrorist?
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (01.16.13)
16. #`12
There is evidence. He was captured on CCTV cameras n the apartment block of the Ortiz family. He planted a booby-trapped Purim basket which exploded upon opening. The kid who opened it was seriously injured as it had been filled with shrapnel, nails etc. He was not expected to live and had to undergo extensive, painful plastic and reconstructive surgery over a period of years. (He was 15 at the time.) Very, very little has been said about this in the Israeli media.
17. The difference here is that this man is not our hero
If this man was Arab and killed Jews, the Palestinian Authority would name a street after him. We Jews are ashamed of this man who murdered innocent people and was involved in terrorism. The difference also is that this a lone, insane man where as Arab terrorist work for Hamas and the PLO.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.16.13)
18. #15 for he's as Jewish as you
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (01.16.13)
19. Orthodox Jews need to repent of hatred of Messianic Jews
It is high time religious news admit and repent of their hatred of Messianic Jews motivated this persons actions toward the Ortiz family. Price Tag attacks on Churches are another example of the "baseless hatred" Messianic Jews often experience at the hands of haredrim in Israel. Anyone who slurs followers of Yeshua as "Idolators, traitors, polytheists" are just a hairbreadth away from being the next Jewish terrorist. I speak as a Christian Zionist who supports Jews right to all the land.
Tom Fischer ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.17.13)
20. The only reason
The only reason he was convicted is because he also targetted Jews. Had he simply murdered and harmed Arabs/Palestinians, he would never have been punished for it like all the other Jews who get away with harming Arabs under the Israeli Injustice System.
Samer   (01.17.13)
21. We will they be bulldozing his house now
Or is that treatement for arabs only?
Haim ,   TA   (01.17.13)
22. Obviously mentally ill..
moriah ,   sacramento ca.   (01.17.13)
23. He is clearly insane
He belongs in a mental hospital not in a prison.
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (01.17.13)
24. # 6 the problem is you are confused the grave
of Baruk Goldstien became a pilgrimige after the massacre. !0 000 Israe'e's have visitede the grave. Killing Ahmed Jabari after recieving the draft of a truce hours before along with reporters in a clearly marke car . You are confused. the Killing of someone under a white flagg of truce the targeting of jounalists are not the actons of a civillized country.
ben   (01.17.13)
25. # 7 Anymore than US polititians are allowed
to critisize Israel
ben   (01.17.13)
26. # 17 does your one lone man include the
many thousands who have made a pilgramage to the shrine of hero Baruk Goldstien. and while were at it why hasn't his house been buldozed. Oh thats rite he's Jewish
ben   (01.17.13)
27. #18 so?
28. #16 thank you
I am familiar with the attack on the Oritz family in Ariel. I did not know about video evidence tying Teitel to it. Evidence should be the only basis for conviction, certainly in such crimes. I am still very concerned that the article does not mention conviction based on evidence, only on a confession signed by Teitel's court-appointed attorneys. Remember how the police tried to pin the attack on the Tel Aviv club on Teitel?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.17.13)
29. # 21
Bulldozing houses is only for Arabs. We maintain very strict standards in our Jewish democracy, one lot of standards for Jews and the other for Arabs.Its what makes our system unique and its not for nothing that we consider ourselves to be the ONLY democracy in the whole middle east. In passing and although a little off topic, I would also like to stress that we have the most moral army in the whole world, not just in the middle east.
Bulldemocrat ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
30. No29 you are so funny!
A democracy doesn't oppress minorities. Jewish democracy is an oxymoron and you're a moron! And IDF the most moral army in the world?? Are you kidding?
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