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Dutch teens use 'Jew' to mean 'cool'
1. Foolishness...
Has no border. Names and words are importants....but, as usual, Europeans consider the other as the Jean Jacques Rousseau's Ā«Bon SauvageĀ».
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (01.17.13)
2. But what's the derivation?
Dutch language is not far away from German. The German word 'good' is 'gut', but in Berlin-dialect it's 'jut' and in Cologne-dialect it's 'joot', sometimes written 'jot'. The Dutch word 'good' is 'goed'. So is the Dutch word 'joot' (meaning 'good' or 'cool') really a derivation from 'joot' (=jew), or from "goed" (=good)?
3. #2 correction
*last* paragraph it has to be 'jood', not 'joot'. sorry
4. #2 They are pronounced differently
The Dutch word for good, "goed", actually is pronounced not with a "g" but with a hard "h" sound, like the Hebrew letter khet. And the Dutch "oe" is like the English "oo". The Dutch word for Jew, "Jood", is pronounced with a "Y", and "oo" is a long o sound.
Jake   (01.17.13)
5. no 4 is correct.
You pronounce it more or less as ''Yoad'' in English, but with less drawl in the ''oa''. For what it's worth, I have never heard of this one before and I live in Leiden. That said, I have been out of highschool for over ten years, and highschool kids are cooking up all sort of things these days, so it's probably correct. I myself do not really care about my ethnicity being used as byword for good, bad, cool, you name it. As it stands however, I feel it's a minor evil at the very worst.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (01.17.13)
6. "dutch date"
or how about the "double dutch" jump-rope game? (and your filipinit can tell you what is "chinese garter"). Or how about Van Courtlandt Park?!?
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.17.13)
7. ;) ,...
Pointing this out it looks pretty desperate quest for positive recognition but who cares ,...
split ,   US   (01.18.13)
8. #6 more Dutch.
Dutch courage - Being drunk before daring to do something In Dutch - in trouble or disfavor with someone Dutch oven - farting under the bed sheets and trap someone under them Dutch hunk - someone who thinks he's hot, but isn't Dutch uncle - somebody who is unduly harsh and severe.
Vliegende Hollander   (01.18.13)
9. Incorrect
I'm a Dutch Jew from Amsterdam, the word is more often used to insult than it's used in a positive sense. if someone's being greedy or even clumsy, "Jood" is one of the most used ways of insulting.
Daniel ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (01.17.13)
10. What a stupid, misleading article!
"Jew" in Dutch is pronounced Yode, The word "good" is pronounced "yood", with a soft G at the beginning, even more so in Flemish. But Dutch people DO use the word mazzal...same meaning. But this article is simply rotzooi!
A ,   Belgium   (01.17.13)
11. In my expert opinion on children
Even though this is the most ridiculous article ever and not even news. If this really is actually happening, now that the teach knows about it and a news story has been posted about it, it will cease to be cool and some other word will be chosen. Thank you ynet, you have now killed the only time the word Jew has been used to mean cool
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.18.13)
12. THe point is....
the last few seconds on the video says it all..(and brings adrenaline rush!!) AJAX AMsterdam!!!!!! yeah Jews, the superjoden!!!! ONE LOVE FOR AJAX Joden!!!! VAK 410 Forever!! one love from AJax suppporter!!
Avi ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.18.13)
13. 12
Avi from Antwerp, really? You sound more like some Johnny from Slotervaart.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (01.18.13)
14. Talkbacks #2-4,10 etc
Sounds like a load of Double Dutch to me. Many Anglo-American words are used world-wide so why can't they just say cool?
Get Real ,   UK   (01.22.13)
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