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Algeria: 20 hostages escape, including Americans    News agencies
1. Another Obama fine mess! AQ is VERY GRATEFUL to Obama
They thank the USA Obama Administration for training in special forces’ tactics some 1,500 Touareg fighting men and their three officers received from the US. They have Libyan Weapons and now open another War theatre .. This time in West Africa/Sahel. You could not make this story up in a paperback Novel
Alan ,   SA   (01.17.13)
2. Barbarians that only the"intelligencia" can find excuses for
3.  Wecome to Sunny Uplands
In 1940 Winston Churchill said "f we can stand up to him, all Europe may be freed and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. "
k   (01.17.13)
4. it is simple .. end the war in Mali .then hostages are freed
why on earth is France waging a war against people fighting in their country. what is the interest of France in a country thousands of miles away from Europe ???
shadi ,   Gaza strip   (01.17.13)
5. #4 Shadi
By the same token why would EU & USA put pressure on Israelies not to defenf themselves from Arabs in particular Hamas Terrorist where you happen to live? Can you explain that Dear Miss HAPPY (Shadi)? Why would Islamic Republic send so mamny arms and men to Lebanon. Syria and Gaza?
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.17.13)
6. To #1
I know you'd like to blame Obama for all the ills of the world. It is so nice to have a target. But let's face facts. The Libya war was run by Europe mostly France. France is in Mali and it will be France that will have to send in troops or request aid in Algeria. Why France? Mali and Algeria were French. In this case BO is really not at fault any more than Israel is at fault for the ills of the Arab world by its mere existence.
Daniel ,   Ted Aviv   (01.17.13)
7. #1 Alan SA are You Lithuanian Desent?
Most of africa mainly north africa and middle east were euro colony's. They (france) has had many nationals kidnapped for ransom, this what funds these n.african Terror. France needs go it Alone and clean up this mess!
8. #4 Shadi you Hamas fool, Mali gov. asked Fr. for help
The legitimate government in Bokama made the request. Freedlom loving people, the world wide, do not want to live enslaved under Sharia.
SG ,   Teaneck   (01.17.13)
9. another islamic disgrace
islam is cancer on humanity. Those mullahs who encourage this violent behavior need to be eliminated for our planet
real vision ,   usa   (01.17.13)
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