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Deri slams PM for jeopardizing ties with US    Ynet reporters
1. What were the names of advisers Bibi've sent to Romney?
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.18.13)
2. Aryeh Deri ,please kiss the tuch....of Olmerd in prison and
shut up before that. "Religious in Black"are a danger to Israel and are not to be trusted!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.18.13)
They are dangerous ,specially when in Power!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.18.13)
4. Once again, we forget
in all of jewish history, when jews start dreaming that you can convert an anti semite to a jew lover, not to long thereafter the jews get destroyed. Lets take erdogan, gaza floatila or not, hed find a reason to cut ties with israel, now lets look at his best friend obama, hes anti israel (with a middle name like hussain wow what a shock) his college papers that they hid I mean what could they be hiding? Pro Israel documents lol But jews like everyone else will keep repeating the same mistakes, dream that being nice to the enemy works etc. Remember, what got you israel to where it is today is serious fighting, not nice talk, the nice talk will get you once again running out of there
Jeff ,   bev .hills ca   (01.18.13)
5. More proof of Shas worthlessness.
Deri sounds almost as pathetic as Livni. Obama clearly hates Israel and Deri blames it on Bibi. This is yet more proof of Shas worthlessness. We must never forget the Oslo Disaster could not have been inflicted on us without Shas support.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.18.13)
in other words... why is deri so concerned now about relationships with the US... unless shas can profit so munificently from their sticky fingers in the US pie?
stude ham   (01.18.13)
7. Idiot Clinton interfered in 1999 Election
Idiot Clinton interfered in the 1999 Election and helped Ehud Barak win against Bibi as PM by sending his main democratic strategist to help Barak campaign.
Bill Stein ,   USA   (01.18.13)
8. Maasiyahu Prison Deluxe Lounge
for Shas politicians is always ready for Aryeh Deri. Friends are welcome as well, of course. LOL!
Ariel ,   Europe   (01.18.13)
9. What madness is this!!!!
If these people had anything of substance to offer the electorate, they should present it and let the voters judge them. They are offering nothing but BICKERING and COMPLAINTS. It is utterly ridiculous and counter-productive to make Obama their platform in an Israeli election.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.18.13)
10. Sas is right. Many ordinary Americans are pissed off at
israel, AIPAC, and jewish lobby being involved with US elections.
American Vet   (01.18.13)
11. Obama would thank god 1000 times for having BiBi
If he was about to have you.
Avan   (01.18.13)
12. Convicted felons have no say in government.
He had his moment of fame and power and chose to abuse it to enrich himself. Sit down and shut up, Mr. Deri, your opinions are neither asked for nor wanted.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.18.13)
13. Netanyahu interfering in US election
Big mistake Netanyahu committed interfering in the US election and backing Mit Romney. President Obama is a very quite man but a very powerful man in the world.
Harold ,   USA   (01.18.13)
14. US Presidential Election 2012
Aryeh Deri said in an interview "I'm scared and worried," regarding the recent US Presidential election. You are scared and worried, Deri? Many of us, Americans, are scared and worried about the Second Term of our Leader. You are insulated from his Executive Orders.
ltrail ,   United States   (01.18.13)
15. Obama doesn't hate...
...Israel. But Obama clearly does not like Netanyahu. But that puts him in the company of just about every other major foreign leader. And with good reason. Netanyahu is arrogant, not very bright, and exhibits no leadership qualities. Having said that, Netanyahu seemed relatively well restrained during the run-up to the U.S. elections. Dim as he is, he did not drink the U.S. right wing Kool Aid that had them thinking Romney would win a race that was never that close.
Joshua ,   NYC, USA   (01.18.13)
16. scared and worried
this is a metaphor for israel-scared and worried. let's see livni is scared and worried, deri, the jailbird is scared and worried, olmert is the number one worrier so he makes concessions, lapid and yechaimovitch and haaretz writers are scared and worried, even bibi sweats too much. The only people who hold firm are some like shamir, liberman, bennett and yaalon. This is a country? If a majority feel this way and are lost in what to do about the US, I suggest that israelis disband the state, give the keys to the arabs and immigrate to europe and the US. There is no point in having a state if you are a bunch of scared rabbits. Stand on your own feet, hold firm. You have differences with the US, so what? I am ashamed of these jewish cowards the lot of them with their messiah yosef who deep down are scared and worried.
milson   (01.18.13)
17. chilul hashem
for this guy to even show his face in public is a major shame. he made a huge chilul hashem, he is a convicted felon, how can he even run in a election. and now he has the nerve to speak publicly. he is a Ganov of the highest degree who sold out our country and his religion for a few dollars.
wow   (01.18.13)
18. Deri is a convicted criminal who should not even be running
this absurd, convicted criminal should not even be running for the knesset. shas needs honest, brave people, people who do not tremble at the very though of obama.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.18.13)
19. American vet 10, is a liar
he has no idea what ordinary americans think.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.18.13)
20. #1 Those who claimed Bibi intervened in the US election
were never able to furnish a single quote as evidence. So conspiracy theory never morphed into fact. But regarding Obama's intervention in the Israeli elections, we now have quotes straight from the horse's mouth.
Jake   (01.18.13)
21. #15 Joshua, Obama's dislike for Israel is obvious
to anyone with eyes and ears in his his head. When you look at the list of countries he has visited as President, a list with the glaring absence of Israel on it, you don't need to be Sigmund Freud to analyze Obama's predilections.
Jake   (01.18.13)
22. On a poster of Arye Deri at TAU Metro Station, the word גנב
(thief) is scrawled in graffiti on his forehead. One word says it all. גנב
Jake   (01.18.13)
23. #13, Harold, Provide a quote, or shut up.
Give one quote from Netanyahu that indicates he interfered in the US election. You cannot, because no such quote exists. Netanyahu instructed his party and his gov't to keep their mouths shut, and he did not voice any preference during the US election campaign. The allegation of interference is nothing but a vile and mischievous conspiracy theory, now being repeated by a convicted criminal. But regarding Obama's interference in the Israeli elections, we have a damning quote on the record, for all to see.
Jake   (01.18.13)
24. Obama is the problem, not Bibi
Obama has been the most anti-Israel president in history. He has been rude & disrespectful to Netanyahu by ambushing him during Bibi's visit with a call for Israel to return to 1967 borders & by refusing to meet with Netanyahu on his last visit. While he is quick to condemn every building project over trhe green line, he never condemns any of the PA's anti-Israel rhetoric or the fact that Abbas has embraced Hamas & refuses to negotiate with Bibi.
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.18.13)
25. Put Deri back in his prison cell.
The Sha$ was doing fine and was showing some level of respectability until Deri started opening his mouth and spewing out the refuse that comes out. This liar belongs where he spent the latter part of the 90's and that is back in prison. If we need to fabricate charges, do it (the Israeli courts and police seem to have a singular talent for this), or else put him in indefinite administrative detention.
Dan S.   (01.18.13)
26. Obama is not US. He tried that 2 years before and even
humiliated Bibi. Result, Obama got nailed from both sides of the aisle, by Republican and Democrat alike.
leo ,   usa   (01.18.13)
27. Not without Cause and Reason !.
Obamas Policy the first four Years are this Cause and Reason. This Obamas Peace initiative regarding Iran is a total failure, as is also His whole Mideastpolicy as such. Obama has show a total disregard, for Israel, as well as Israels understanding regarding the Mideast so, to let this Obama imbecillity to continue, and not trying to put an end to it, would be totaly irresponsible. Obama has also hindered Israel to take Iran on as well, a foolish move which has put the whole World at Peril also. Further - I quote - Olmert on Thursday blasted the incumbent prime minister for getting into "a blunt confrontation with the most powerful man in the world," suggesting that Israel isn't in a position to show contempt for the US, which provides the Jewish state with billions in military aid each year. comment - The Most Powerfull Man in the World, has no greater excutive Power, than His Thoughts, if He thinks wrong He Looses, which has be shown for anybody with understanding. And His Power of Peace, Has shown no Executive Power regarding Iran and the Mideast whatsoever. The only beneficier of this, is the Evil Forces which has furthered its positions and uppgrading its Arms. Obama Policy is a total failure, and so are hIs uppbackers. Arn.Sweden.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.18.13)
28. Harold
You are such a hateful anti-semite that I have to read your talkbacks because it makes it easy for me to form an opinion. All I have to do is read your opinion and believe just the opposite.
DavidR ,   USA   (01.18.13)
29. Universal service now!!
Good old days are gone.
Rachel ,   US   (01.18.13)
30. Netanyahu must go
He has hurt Israel to appease racist extremists. The nonsense against Obama is mostly based on the colour of his skin. These are not Jewish attitudes and must not be represented in a Jewish government. Interfering in the election was STUPID. Supporting a pagan Mormon was RETARDED. I expect higher intelligence from my people. SHOW IT.
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.18.13)
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