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Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman dies    Itamar Fleishman
1. He was a good man and a real Zionist!
As a non Likudnik I can truely say that Ron Nachman was a true Zionist and a man who put his people first, unlike so many politicians on both the left and the right. He was respected by many on both sides of the political divide. May his memory be blessed!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.18.13)
2. Where are the religionists now... tell us how his death is the "punishment" from "god" for something or other he did. Or does "god" "punish" only us moderates? :)
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (01.18.13)
3. Boruh Dayan Emet...
I've met him in SF years ago. Man of a great vision and true love for the Eretz Israel and Am Israel. He will be missed....
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.18.13)
4. #2 What is your point?
One way or another, everyone dies. But Ron Nachman's life work has born fruit for posterity. And please don't refer to yourself as a moderate, because you are clearly a fanatic of some sort.
Jake   (01.18.13)
5. Death of Ron Nachman
In sincere sympathy on the death of Ron Nachman to his family and all the citizens and friends of Ari'el! Uta Hentsch, South Germany
Uta Hentsch ,   Bisingen Germany   (01.18.13)
6. #2, They are hiding and mentioning their hero.
Ron Nachman is not their hero, g is, and they say prayers not relevant to the dead person. Like the kaddish for instance, totally irrelevant. This is one of the absurdities of the Jewish religion. May Ron Nachman rest in peace.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.19.13)
7. Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman z"l
Baruch Dayan Aemet. I met him a couple time in Montreal, I've always admire his determination. He was a great Zionist communicator, his Zionism was contagious. He will be mist. Edmond Silber, Montreal QC Canada
Edmond Silber ,   Montreal, QC Canada   (01.19.13)
8. Ariel is the fitting legacy for a great man
Few people have claim to such a achievement. A city was raised and came to maturity under Nachman's care. Am israel will remember him
Iran   (01.19.13)
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