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Sniper kills Al-Jazeera reporter in Syria    AFP
1. You have to be kidding.....
These reporters are running around in a closed military area with combatants and you're wondering WHY they are shot?
Shep ,   Memphis, Tn   (01.20.13)
2. No1. It's thanks to journalists like Mohamed
That you and me know what is happening all around the world.
3. Shep @1, sniper always knows whom he is aiming at.
Collateral damage is one thing, intentional targeting of unarmed civilian is totally different matter.
leo ,   usa   (01.20.13)
4. Look where is money coming from: Qatar
The guys in Algeria spend few days before the atack in &-Star hotel in Qatar. Qatar does not like Algeria. All terrorists are paid and tained in a small terrorist state of Qatar. The Arabs know it.
5. Reporters will always be at risk
in war zones and particularly from the tyrants who do not wish the brutal actions of their regimes be broadcast.
Get Real ,   UK   (01.20.13)
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