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Livni: We can't afford to have Bennett in gov't    Yuval Karni
1. The fear of becoming insignificant
Or as Bibi once said about the Left, "Hem Mefachadim". Poor Tzipi, she's probably not sleeping well lately in fear that she won't have any position of power in the next government with Bennett stealing away all her votes - the nightmare of every narcissist megalomaniac.
Avi Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.13)
2. Cutting her nose to spite her face
Livni comes out with outrageous self denigrating statements that can only please our enemies
Tambour ,   eilat   (01.20.13)
3. Poor Livni!
We know you Livini, you are desperte! Whoi told you that anybody watts you in the govern? Nobody wants you.
Elaine Israel ,   Brazil   (01.20.13)
4. Thank you Zippy
For making sure we vote Bennet.
Ani   (01.20.13)
5. The Hatnua "Movement" is about to get flushed........Bye bye
Tzippi Livni.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.13)
6. Pathetic Livni. Pathetic losers of the Left.
Dovid ,   Haifa   (01.20.13)
7. Sorry Tzipi but my vote goes to Bennett
May be with Bennett we may exist without the help of America. And don't worry if Bennett gets in he won't want you either. But I am sure your try and crawl your way into his government. Bennett's Israel plans I mine as well.
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.13)
8. There's nothing center about the Liberal Left
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (01.20.13)
9. Israel's demise...
...when it comes, will be because of a Center-Left government that hands Jerusalem and the Western Wall over to the Arabs on a silver platter. Livni is either naive or stupid if she thinks "peace" is possible with Abbas and his henchmen. I used to support Israel, but I'm afraid that because of the left-leaning path the country is taking, I'm going to end that support.
Liz Biggin ,   Sheffield, UK   (01.20.13)
10. Habayit Hayehudi
Nothing "hidden" or "concealed". Party spokesmen (and women) are pretty upfront in all public declarations. Livni, on the other hand, with every utterance, is showing her true colours, her meanspiritedness and her inability to adapt to being a reasonably unimportant figure in Israeli politics. I would not be surprised if she quit after her party makes a poor showing right after the election is finalized.
Robert Haymond ,   Israel-Gush Etzion   (01.20.13)
11. what a mouth on that woman!
I can't wait to after the elections so I don't have to be reminded of Livni. She will probably rot in the trash bin of has bins with big mouths and little brains.
ma nishma ,   modiin   (01.20.13)
12. What has Livni EVER done good for Israel?
This is a serious question, friends. Can anyone name a single thing Livni has ever done that is good for Israel? Every action Livni has taken, in her public life, hurts Israel. The only value of Livni is as a reverse barometer. Almost everything Livni supports is harmful. Almost everything Livni opposes is good.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.20.13)
13. livni is a zero . zero zero
she is a nobody . and only brings damage .
alan ashkenazie ,   n y c ny   (01.20.13)
14. Livni - what a
clown. You make people laugh because you say the stupidest things and you do absolutely nothing. You have completely misled my community and driven us to Likud because they are center. Not right.
john ,   tel aviv   (01.20.13)
15. Zipi Livni
She is the one who will destroy Israel to receive International Peace prize!!!!
16. can't afford to have u either ms. livni
sue ,   jerusalem   (01.20.13)
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