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PM to name Khalon head of Land Administration    Yuval Karni
1. desperate move?????
bibi is going to win, as we see from the polls and this is a desperate move??? I think that all this, what the left is doing in the last weeks, these grundless accusations, running for disqualification of this or that, are desperate moves... shame on you... left doesn't know how to loose with dignity...
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.13)
2. Another spin - to do nothing
Like the one with Kadima & Mofaz, it looks like Bibi is just using this to buy time or cover up his inaction. i feel sorry for Kahlon being used this way, because i doubt Bibi will let him implement any change after the election. All these are just for show, sadly.
Naomi   (01.21.13)
3. Bad move, the man (Khlon) is blackmailing you
Very bad move, and disappointing
JJJ   (01.21.13)
4. Good move Bibi
I welcome Bibi's move. This is good news, Kahlon is a winner and this is going to make accomodation affordable,As for the whining parties; they can eat their heart and cry foul, no doubt, they are the loosers.
Yossi ,   Haifa   (01.21.13)
5. Desparate writer not "desperate move by Bibi".
Bibi's going to be reelected and hopefully foolish articles like this one will cease.
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.21.13)
6. Its not about the left stupid
i think the talkbackers need to realise that BIbi is not in a depserate fight with the left and center but rather to have firm control of his coalition. The fact that Shas Isha byit hayehudi etc are saying vote for us and get Bibi as pm is a significant issue for netanyahu who clearly wants and needs to define how the state budget is built, and not to have to either create an inflated cabinet or divert spending to areas that he does not see as priority.
RIchi ,   Israel Eilat   (01.21.13)
7. #4: Glad you welcome it!
But will you be so happy when Bibi form a coalition with Shas INCLUDED and Attias get the Ministry of Housing back? As for Cahlon, yes, he did good things with the cellphone companies (no UNIONS) but did NOTHING to bring down the extortionate prices of the internet providers and to get Bezeq (BIG UNION) to improve its NGN service so all Israelis can have fast and reliable internet! Cahlon sold out to Bibi, got a great new job and his FULL MK Pension, all paid by the Israeli Taxpayer! He's laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.
David ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
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