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Lapid: Experienced politicians don't impress me    Attila Somfalvi
1. Divine Providence
Divine Providence created Lapid in the form of a fig leaf
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.21.13)
2. Lapid has what it takes to be a destructive leftist M.K.
And the last thing Israel needs is more of those.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.21.13)
3. lapid a bs artist
lapid is a media rationalist, whose father sustained the ogre and defeatist olmert in office and was one of his biggest fans. Dooes that tell you enough??!! lapid has no solutions, and one has to be careful about a fence separtating arabs because israel does not want to live in a box. Bennett's prescription is good, annex the 604 of judea and the jordan valley, annex it. Also, lieberman and bennett should not allow bibi to put barak back at defense under any cirucmstances.
milson   (01.21.13)
4. brutal leaders
Yair Lapid has what it takes to murder more arabs especially women and children.He is in the same league as netanyahu,barak.olmert.shamir(Itzhak Yesernetsky),peres,rabin,sharon,begin,golda meir,dayan,ben gurion,the irgun,stern ,hagganah and a host of others.Their favourite pasttime is spilling more palestinian an arab blood.
gopi ,   ipoh,malaysia   (01.21.13)
5. why are only leftists being interviewed
Come on Ynet were are the interviews with people Like Bennet or even Bibi Shelly, Livni, Lapid and even the leader of little Meretz but haven't seen any of major player from the right, is this Haaretz where you want to do everything you can to promote the left?
zionist forever   (01.21.13)
6. Lapid for PM???? That pompous looser?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.21.13)
7. Lapid doesn't impress me!
Reuven   (01.21.13)
8. "Lapid: Experienced politicians don't impress me"
And you hardly impress the Israeli public who seeks true leadership. Let the hot air out of your over-inflated ego and go back to late night TV where you belong.
A ,   Belgium   (01.21.13)
9. I've seen many many youngsters so full of it.
On my job, when fresh graduates arrive, they are so confident, want to change everything, sky is the limit. Yeah, better think so. It takes few years only to begin understanding the amount of what one doesn't know. And few years more to become reliable. It seems obvious that this chap never did anything requiring effort in his whole life.
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (01.21.13)
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