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'Labor campaign was one-woman show'    Moran Azulay
1. It's the leftist ideology, stupid.
Poll after poll indicate an overwhelming majority of Israelis define themselves either as right-wingers or centrist. Less leftists than at any time since the founding of the State. Tipsy Livni ran on leftist security/diplomatic platform, and failed. Yaklumovich ran on leftist socioeconomic platorm, and failed. Lapid ran on one issue, EQUAL SHARE OF THE BURDEN, and got rewarded.
Jake   (01.23.13)
2. shelly was always naive
She has been in the Knesset 5-6 years. She had never been part of a serving coalition let alone headed any ministry. She had only led the party for 1 year before the election. She is an idealist Bibi on the other hand is not and so he can run rungs around her with his eyes closed. She wasn't a thinker she latched onto the social justice movement because it was the only popular leftist issue around and I think she was convinced there would be more protests bearer to election time. I was convinced the protestors were going to hold protests just to boost support for Labor to get rid of Bibi. She was just no match for Bibi at any level. Shelly won't be leading Labor at the next election which is a good thing she is just not PM material, she is inexperienced and doesn't want to learn unless its learning on the job as PM because of her stupid attitude that it would be better to be rotting away in opposition rather than being a senior minister in a government she felt would be immoral. Looks like she is going to get to keep her humble woman of the people she tried to create during the campaign and will continue living in her small apartment in Tel Aviv and riding her bike. rather than living in the PM residence and traveling in a ministerial car protected by Shin Bet 24/7.
zionist forever   (01.23.13)
3. bad math
no shelly you don't have 60 60 because the arab antisionist parties cannot be in a israeli sionist governement , so likoud is the most able to form the new governement, and meretz antinomic to religeous parties , you 're pathetic in your loose
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (01.23.13)
4. Typical bitchy emotions of a scorned eve
That is not the stuff Golda was made of. No statesmanship, just ego. Same goes for Livni. How can any reasonable person feel safe and secure with the likes of these two? They should both leave politics and make way for saner people
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.23.13)
5. She lost because she wanted to divide Jerusalem
She lost because she said she would divide Jerusalem. The late Yitzchak Rabin said that Jerusalem would forever be Israels capital and never again be divided. Yair Lapid and Bibi Netanyahu said they were against dividing Jerusalem.
Josie ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.13)
6. I am impressed Labor still exists
After causing the national, historic tragedy called OSLO and the lives lost because of OSLO, Labor is lucky to still exist. Shelly did a great job making sure that Labor has any seats. Labor should have went the direction of Kadima.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.24.13)
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