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N.Korea warns of nuke test, more rocket launches    Associated Press
1. Shot down their Rockets !.
Arn ,   Sweden.   (01.24.13)
2. North Korea nuke test
There is very much not to like about North Korea, but one thing you have to give that country: They know how to stand strong and take imperialists and Zionists down several pegs.
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.24.13)
3. pyongyang And tehran Should Be
RAZED to the Ground! Balligerant Primitives the both of these Pariah Evil States! Wonder what b.H.o.'s response will be? Let's chat kim jun un Over A Beer, says the nobel prize winner?
4. Graczek...
If we take N. Korea down twenty pegs, you would still not be able to crane your neck to see them above you. Thats how many 'pegs' below human you are. After far too long reading your junk, it's obvious that there's not much to like about you either. Shalom Israel, Rob
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (01.24.13)
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