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Blast hits key Iranian nuclear site?     Ynet
1. iran
o dear ,not so safe after all if you play with fire you are sure to get burnt
spookey ,   birmingam uk   (01.26.13)
2. a very long arm had reached inside the dragon's mouth
the shia terror entity has not yet seen anything.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.26.13)
3. re
Sami ,   London   (01.26.13)
4. could it be the IAF? Mossad? Wow!
A ,   Belgium   (01.26.13)
5. Sounds to good to be true...I am holding my
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.27.13)
6. Only a matter of time
Israel will be blamed for this one too. Who cares anymore....
Paul K. ,   USA   (01.27.13)
7. Fordo Hit? What a coincidence of eve of election!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.27.13)
8. If This Is True Let's All Hope Its
Just the beginning of The END for the ILLEGAL regime in tehran! May The Mighty Hand Of Justice Emasculate the little bearded monkey his ayatollah Cockamamie and the rest of these shi'a vermin!
9. #2, Cipora...a poetic sentence !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.27.13)
10. I wouldn't get to giddy yet...
WND is affiliated with the Right alright-- just to the Right of the tinfoil on the grocery shelf. Then again...even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. ;-)
Gord Makaldavitz ,   Fork Drok, NM   (01.27.13)
11. Rumors
I thought this was a newspaper not a rumor mill.
Ethan ,   Eilat   (01.27.13)
12. Thanks!
Thanks to the helpful Iranians,the double dealing Russians,the Sunnis,the double agent Venezuelans and the Baluchis who may have contributed to this most blessed event..And of course..thanks to Hashem without whom the Mossad and the IDF would be just as powerful and just as brace but powerless in the face of the EVIL masters of Iran.
zelig ,   memphis   (01.27.13)
13. #6 Not just Israel, but this give BO something else to blame
George Bush for!!!!!   (01.27.13)
14. Thankfully not likley
The IAEA has cameras in there running 24hrs a day. If such a thing happened every one would know about it by now. Thankfully that means it is probably bull. If there was sabotage by the US or Israel there Iran would make a complaint to the UN and you can bet China and Russia would drop support for sanctions. Further Iran would permanently close the door on inspections and possibly pull out of the NPT. None of that would be good for some thing that would only push the Iranians to actually truly try to build a bomb. Also if it is true was true then Israelis and American would need to start bracing for retaliation. Some thing both governments would have to tell their people.
jv ,   NWM , Canada   (01.27.13)
15. #2. ... Translated...
More like something else very long up in the Ayatollahs mouth... Don't F... With the Jews.
Dan S.   (01.27.13)
16. Spunky monkey playing with matches
We hope everyone got out safe and sound and the nucleur process takes place soon. That way our bearded buddy could set off another explosion that will send off shock waves to the rest of their facilities and the ripple effect will destroy their entire program. We don't have to worry about these guys...they'll self destruct
John ,   Boise, USA   (01.27.13)
17. More "mysterious explosions" needed in Iran & P.A.
We need more "mysterious explosions" to destroy Iran's nukes and the so-called government of the genocidal terrorist P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.27.13)
18. WorldNetDaily
You mention World Net Daily ( as a source of information regarding an explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility. (world net daily) is not a trust worthy source. You would be well served finding another. Good day.
Denver ,   Denver, CO   (01.27.13)
19. Chris 9
thank you.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.27.13)
20. Unconfirmed
Some sites have removed their posts about the Fordo facilitiy. The blast is an unconfirmed report so far. Let's hope it is true though. We don't need a nuclearized Iran.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.27.13)
21. propaganda only !
AIEA's cameras saw nothing !!!!!! obviously. Reza Khalili, announced one day the Iranian bomb already made​​, and the next its opposite. dream on iran will have the bomb periode .
inconito   (01.27.13)
22. #2 of course because nothing happened !
WND announced one day that an Iranian bomb is already complete, and one day the opposite, seems very credible and of course no other media is aware !!!!!!!!!!!!! if your expectations are based on wnd's informations and reza Kalili the masked knight, your hopes will be very very very disappointed
inconito   (01.27.13)
23. fordo
5 days . . . still not much confirmation. Hope it is so.
lou ,   us   (01.27.13)
24. Hope it was an accident
Hope it was an accident and not sabotage. Or else they will want revenge, and the world has enough blood shed as it is.
American Hindu ,   USA   (01.27.13)
25. if your expectations are based on wnd's informations
i reza Kalili the masked knight, your hopes will be very very very disappointed
inconito   (01.27.13)
26. #21 Iran will have the bomb
But not the guts to use it.
razors ,   clapham, uk   (01.27.13)
27. Iranian scientists = Keystone Cops!
Alma Ferreira ,   Curitiba, Brasil   (01.27.13)
28. let's see if they deny it
29. Denver, Denver, 18
nevertheless i love it. good day.
c   (01.27.13)
30. @10, reports have been confirmed
As you said, WND is like DEBKA - full of bogus news items and hardly a trustworthy source. But this time they might be on to something. The inital report has now been confirmed by the German news outlet "Welt am Sonntag".
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (01.27.13)
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