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Blast reported at Hezbollah weapons depot    Roi Kais
1. and
what are the UN doing any way? Hezbollah receives arms from Syria, they have their own militia, they impose the law in south Lebanon (as if Lebanon has a state inside a state) and the UN Peace Force are just having a nice vacation..
daniela ,   panama   (01.27.13)
2. Curiouser and curiouser
" ... according to a Tair Harfa official, the explosion did not occur at a Hezbollah compound, but rather was the result of the explosion of a rocket that was left behind after Israeli strikes ...." Amazing, isn't it, that all Israeli rockets seem to blow up and cause damage at Hezbollah weapons depots and ammunition dumps. This is what, the fourth time? That's quite a coincidence.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.27.13)
3. TO 1
Long ago the Lebanese state in a nice vacation, which gave Hezbollah the opportunity to control southern Lebanon
sam ,   colorado-US   (01.27.13)
4. I hope & pray the casualties were very high
zionist forever   (01.27.13)
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