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Egypt: Clashes resume despite emergency decree    Associated Press
1. Is another civil war looming here?
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.28.13)
2. If a lot of dogs
are in a crowded dog's hospice they will bark. If too many humans are in Egypt they will shout and demonstrate.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.28.13)
3. I don't think anyone has blamed Israel for this yet
Maybe this is actually their fault.... but it will still get blamed on us somehow.
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.28.13)
4. obama
and you just sent this country 20 f-16 american fighter jets? you moron.
5. obama
you heeded the voice of the egyptian people during the first revolution and uprooted mubarak, an american ally. why don't you now heed the voices of the egyptian people that really want democracy and not the islamization of europe? you coward and muslim islam lover.
6. Egypt: Clashes resume despite emergency decree
Is it not interesting that the same Morsi who was so intent to punish Mubarek and others for using the army to control an uprising is doing the same thing. Hillary Clinton should call for his removal as she was so quick to do to Mubarek and Morsi should be tried for murder.
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (01.28.13)
7. Arab Spring?
Akiva ,   NYC   (01.28.13)
8. Egypt riots
It is good to know that there are Egyptians out there striving for a secular, democratic government in an Islamic land. You can have both and you should fight for that. Best of luck!
Izzy ,   USA   (01.28.13)
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