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Supreme Court slams Dirani in damages claim hearing     Aviel Magnezi
1. What a waste
What a waste of government and judicial resources... The deliberations should be stopped before it reach the Supreme Court as this case does not even pass the common sense... laughable at best!
Roman ,   IL   (01.30.13)
2. Smells like another cover-up comming soon.
3. The question is not why he joined Hezbollah...
The question is what are you people doing to make him want to join Hezbollah...
Another Marco ,   Spain   (01.30.13)
4. to number 3 Marco in Al-Andaluz
The reason he joined Hezbollah is because he is an Islamic supremecist global Jihadist. His organization also believes in cleansing Al-Andaluz (Spain) of all Christians and making the world totally Muslim. Has that answered your question?
Shimon ,   Poleg   (01.30.13)
5. #3 - existing
and we refuse to stop doing that...
William ,   Israel   (01.30.13)
6. Pathetic that we let him go at all. Where's Ron?
keren ,   tzafon, Israel   (01.30.13)
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