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Syrian revenge: Hackers attack Israeli guesthouse websites    Roi Kais
1. thank god
the arab muslims are so dumb.
2. Well it seems like a fair and even trade off!
I hope it keeps going the same espeacially if it makes the Arabs feel better about themsevles.
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.31.13)
3. Oh no! Not the furniture websites!
The IAF surrenders, please don't hurt us any more. Please stop... think of the children who want to stay in a tzimmer in the north to go skiing, now their family reservations will get erased. Oh the humanity..
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.31.13)
4. Hmm, we take out a weapons research site for good
and they take out a few Israeli consumer websites for about 20 minutes. Yeah, that's fair. Case closed.
William ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
5. We better look out....
For the Syrian Electronic "A" Holes.
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.31.13)
6. Does'nt The IDF Have A Cyber Brigade?
If So The Yidel Hacker's Should Have A Field Day at the expence of the Butcher of syria, the little bearded monkey in tehran and putin/larov in siberia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I Surrender!!!
I'm running into the sea as I type this, terrified of the vengeance of a group of Syrian Script Kiddies. It is obvious to me that their superior moral high ground and cyber warfare skills are no match for us.
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.01.13)
8. Cyber wars
Assad .....please do not boast of your cyber attacks with too much relish. Remember that those who made it into your space did it without you knowing. Hacking Syrian internet sites might be child's play for them.
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.01.13)
9. Bring Down Syria's Internet and Telecommunications
I hope Israeli hackers and Jewish hackers world wide and all people fighting to end Assad's rule hack Syria's computers and bring them down, along with all Syrian telecommunications.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.01.13)
10. Syrian Electronic Army
A very powerful group. They were able to change the reservation for my Uncle Murad and his Russian girlfriend (74 years old) at the Davidner guesthouse in Naharia from a room with a garden view to a room with a street view with demi-pension. This group is a major threat.
Habib Seliman ,   New York, USA   (02.01.13)
11. Israel targets military internet
and Syria targets civilian internet monkey business as usual ;-)
Isahiah62 ,   Miami FLorida USA   (02.01.13)
12. Terrorists
Is it really likely Israel managed to strike at Syria all by themselves?
Jalbindner ,   Terrorist state   (02.01.13)
13. The time website is especially demoralizing.
Michal ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.13)
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