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1. here's an idea- paint the buildings!
invest the $500k in painting some of the facades of the crumbling buildings in central tel aviv. it's a disgrace for a wealthy city the size and importance of tel aviv too look like Sarajevo during the civil war in Bosnia! SHame on mayor for allowing this! I am embarassed when my friends visit from abroad and see buildings with not only chipped paint, but crumbling concrete facades, balconies and with wires and water drains dangling overheard- a site one sees in 3rd world countries! Why can't the mayor force owners of apartments to AT LEAST paint the facades of the buildings in central tel aviv!! Look at Yehuda Levi, Alleny, etc- those streest look like they belong in Gaza, not Tel Aviv!
nadav ,   tlv   (02.04.13)
2. Amen Nadav! Paint the buildings
Tel Aviv looks like a festering third world dump - so many buildings are run down. At least require everyone to PAINT THE FACADES. Until this happens, the city will continue to embarrass.
Brian ,   Los Angeles USA   (02.04.13)
3. 1, 2 totally agree
Tel Aviv has some world class architecture, but you would never know it given the level of neglect that the city has reached. Tel Aviv can rightfully point to itself as a world-class hotspot for nightlife, cuisine, culture, and high-tech ingenuity, but until it takes care of its buildings, the first thing that people will think when they arrive here is that they mistakenly landed in some third world backwater. I don't know how residents and the city council can continue to ignore this problem, and how greedy building owners can continue to get away with this.
Guy ,   Rishon, Israel   (02.05.13)
4. You are a 3rd world country! Really.
Gay Aviv ,   Brazil   (02.15.13)
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