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Women excluded from coalition talks?    Ynet reporters
1. Well, Shelly COULD have joined ...
.... but she placed herself in the opposition, did she not?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.13)
2. women not part of the negotiations
The reality is being revealed, the lack of respect, the rationalizations, the excuses to not include women in these imperative discussions concerning forming a coalition. I am deeply disappointed and will rethink which party I will support in the next election, which will be sooner rather than later. The men have shown their true colours. It is rather pathetic
Gila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.04.13)
3. Hayehudi doesn't get it, politically incorrect...
Women were elected to represent both women and men. Therefore, there is a representation OF women, not FOR women!!
Dina ,   USA   (02.04.13)
4. #2 Next time vote Meretz
Yossef   (02.04.13)
5. women not in coalition talks
Seems nothing has changed Women are supposed to be preparing the tea and coffee and serving it?
karen ,   albuquerque nm   (02.04.13)
6. Funny - these men are all talk and no action
They talk about including women, and then forget to do so. If the women in their parties were worth something they would have told their party leaders that there's a problem. Unfortunately many of these women are there for show, and allow themselves to be used like this.
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (02.04.13)
7. nothing but complaints
no one is excluding women. what a joke this article is. the heads of two major parties are women. for ten years the pres. of the supreme court was a woman, the richest person in israel shari arison is a woman. i am so sick of all the complaints. why can't we talk thrue unity.
qqqq ,   israel   (02.04.13)
8. To dear Sarah B., U.S.A./Israel, at no. 1.
I would like to see that you would have participated in those coalition talks in Israel, if you want that. All the best to you, Sjoerd.
9. To: Sjoerd at No. 8
Thank you, but it is the last thing on earth that I want. I served one term on my local community school board in New York City, and that has been enough politics for ten lifetimes. I'm not politically correct; politics is not for me!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.13)
10. Whatever happened... giving a job to the most qualified PERSON, regardless of gender? As a woman, I find it equally offensive that the absence of women is pointed out; should a less capable individual be given a task, just because they belong to a minority group? I sincerely hope that gender was not a consideration either way when selecting the party representatives who will negotiate a coalition agreement.
Ahuva ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (02.04.13)
11. Well ladies.
Form your own frustration party and show the boys how its done.{if you can}
Canyou ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (02.04.13)
12. Remember - "It's a man's world"
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.04.13)
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