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Settler launches 'operation proposal'     Akiva Novick
1. Sick
2. Mozel Tov To The New Soon To Be Couple
Personally I Think This Was Very Original! Such A Yidish Kup! Shalom!
3. Very sweet - I wish them the very best!
Mark   (02.04.13)
4. That is so great ~ very creative
Their lives certainly won't be boring. כן, מזל טוב
Grace ,   USA   (02.05.13)
5. Very strange
While it's great to think outside the box, putting your girlfriend through an interrogation and scaring her silly is a bit over the top, no?
Vlad   (02.05.13)
6. Honey, make this idiot's life a living hell.
leo ,   usa   (02.05.13)
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