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Ahmadinejad in Egypt for historic visit    Associated Press
1. The monkey has landed
john   (02.05.13)
3. F16s
And my American tax dollars fund F16s and Abrams tanks to Egypt while it crawls in bed with Iran.
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.05.13)
4. Saeid Mortazavi isn't available to tape the spectacle.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.05.13)
5. Normally we visit monkeys in the zoo
Haim ,   TA   (02.05.13)
6. Between All The Space Exploration
And Jet Setting the little bearded monkey is Racking up Frequent Flyer Miles, maybe he has enough to GO TO HELL?
7. Coming to a place near ...
Egypt and Iran to bring the "real" peace
Palestinian   (02.05.13)
8. A shame Mitt Romney isn't President...
obama abuses the office for his ally, 'the Muslim Brotherhood" not considering what possible damage he's done. Too callous and too pro Muslim.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (02.05.13)
9. Not the 1rst visit or presence of an,,,,,,,,
Ahmadnejed the Israeli operative vists Egypt, this entity Israeli operatives like Nasrullah of Lebenon have caused enough trouble in the Middle East and set it on fire,,,,,, Ahmadnejed he's not a Semite nor Muslim only an Indo_Aryan Israeli Shia propagandist that now wants to go into outerspace with monkeys. This man is so played out, its nots what next,,,,,, its get this m#ther@$ing clown out of here,,,,,the mans a Jew(no pun),,,,, oh where is the humanity. PEACE IS GONNA WIN.
Melvin ,   Landover, MD   (02.05.13)
10. Visit
Hi might go and visit the pyramids in Giza, but he will NEVER pray in what he called "liberated" Jerusalem.
John ,   Hetzliya   (02.05.13)
11. #3, Hussein O. is a CRIMINAL!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.05.13)
12. Israel, beware!
No good will come of this, and the US is sending Egypt F-16′s. Evil clouds the minds of many!
John Prophet   (02.05.13)
13. Does this make it clear for Obama?
Islamic terrorist state is invited to Muslim Brotherhood radical regime that is slaughtered 75 people and declared over-reaching powers. This is not an ally of the USA, and there is no argument that could persuade a child. The F-16s and financial aid should be cut ASAP
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (02.05.13)
14. I hope Camp David's ........
agreement will be preserved, despite of Iranian bad influence on Egyptian new government. On the contrary, Israel must act firmly. Selfdefense is a sacred right and duty for all countries around the world.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.05.13)
15. Mahmoud "I'm A Dinner Jacket"
This diminutive, little Feuher wannabe must be getting soft. He's setting foot in a country that has a formal peace agreement with the"little Satan" Israel. What next?
karmel usa   (02.05.13)
16. Now we all are sure where Morsi is leading Egypt
Expert   (02.05.13)
17. Now it is sure where Morsi is leading Egypt
Expert   (02.05.13)
18. What a "friend" you have in Egypt, Americans!
Johannes ,   Norway   (02.05.13)
19. a game of interests dear
You should know as there is a game called United also there is a game called interests and interests are the most important game so do not be surprised that America is providing weapons to Egypt it's a game of interests dear
sam ,   colorado-US   (02.05.13)
20. To #13
It is kind of late Dear Friend...this was a deliberate move by Obama Admin. to supply Arms of that caliber to the new Gangsters of the area. There is only one thing good comming of this, Obama is on his way out in 4 years...Aleluya !
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (02.05.13)
21. F-16 issue
Calm down folks. The Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood do not see eye-to-eye on many issues. Also the F-16s given the Egyptian military are "substandard" versions...though better than most military aircraft in the world, they are no match for IAF F-16s and other IAF aircraft.
USA   (02.05.13)
22. I suggest him
to take a basket with pilaf and pistacia, in the case if US will finish the food aid for Egypt, after his visit. There will be only delicious omlettes, from crocodile eggs then.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.05.13)
23. #1
Are you referring to Prosser?
24. TO 3
You only look under your feet America creeps for you so I pay taxes regularly and don't bother with anything else
sam ,   colorado-US   (02.05.13)
25. Lovely couple. When is the wedding?
Alex ,   US   (02.05.13)
26. Obama and his sychophants have achieved great things
the next in the line of achievements will be egypt becoming a nuclear power. obama will push until he achives a nuclear war in the middle east. some more skeet shooting, please.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.05.13)
27. To people with "monkey" comments: Please don't...
bring your family resemblances into this. This is serious stuff.
Persian CAT   (02.05.13)
28. Is Egypt New Leader Really a Partner in Peace
Egypt New Government is the new hostile front to be once again in war with Israel - I predict - Not long to go - Then, who will be the looser again? - America Stop funding Egypt - Just Stop! - Cant you see what happening in Egypt?
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (02.05.13)
29. no 7
The new president of Egypt can't even bring peace in Egypt. This president will bring diaster and will corrupt the country
30. Persian CAT # 27
Who would have thought you would be bothered by catty remarks?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.05.13)
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