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A different Middle East: Israelis for Syria     Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay
1. "you yourself are pure gold"
So very true. Well done.
Zvi   (02.10.13)
2. Syrian victims
G-d forgive me but I really believe they would cheer my skin being stripped off my body while I was what?
Richard ,   Brooklyn,NY   (02.10.13)
3. volunteers in Syria
This is one of the best stories I have seen in a long time , when all you read is about hate , people trying to deny the rights of there human brothers and sisters and then we have this lovely story. Thank you for some good news in this sick world .
James ,   Auck N.Z.   (02.10.13)
4. Just stay out of this mess
Ariel ,   Europe   (02.10.13)
5. We need to seize this opportunity....
To show the Arab and Muslim World that we, as Jews, don't care what religion, color, or race you are. If you need help, we are there. We are all children of the same Creator and descendents of Adam, Noah, and Abraham. Israel must take a more pro-active role in helping the Syrian Refugees.... If we seize this opportunity now...the regime following the Tyrant Assad...will be much more willing to live in peace with us.
froike ,   NY NY   (02.11.13)
6. I just donĀ“t agree with the Bashad part
The ones doing most of the massacres we know are foreign salafist /wahabbi and Alqaida guerrillas ! We have many videos showing it and how they kill by Sharia law and shout Allahu Akbar while doing it
Shony ,   Rio de Janeiro   (02.11.13)
7. Israelis4 Syria.
Wonderful that people put themselves at great risk to help others from an enemy state. As it shames what the world is not doing for the Syrian refugees doubt if the story will be repeated on the world media.As for changing the image of Israel in enemy states will most likey will be put down to Zionist propaganda.
Get Real ,   UK   (02.11.13)
8. israeli helping syrians
I'm a christian arab of lebanese origin and this news confirm the opinion that i always have had about the true jewish faith , those who loveand help and honor the grat name of Jehovah my Gd with their actions...; bless you
naim p ,   miami us   (02.11.13)
9. Israelis & Syrians
How proud I am of all of you for being able to give and receive love against all odds. The next step in evolution, for the Middle East, for all of us.
Suzanne ,   Israel   (02.11.13)
10. 5
BS Today you save them, tomorrow they kill you.
Rosie   (02.12.13)
11. How about us
In all the thousands of stories about Syria I've yet to see one that mentions the tens of thousands of Jews who were ethnically cleansed from there with literally the clothes on their backs
Ex syrian Jew   (02.12.13)
12. you do not get the muslim psyche
every person getting help from us, israelis will be executed in no time "traitors fraternizing with the enemy"
arik   (02.17.13)
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