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Criticism in Lebanon: Where is Hezbollah leading us?     Roi Kais
1. The legacy of Hezbollah
Hezbollah's legacy will be to end the Shiite presence south of the Litani. 150+ Shiite towns and villages serve as Hez missile and rocket launching bases. These sites will be devastated and many non-combatants will die.
Stephen in New York   (02.06.13)
2. To The Lebnainai hizbullah Is Ruining
Your Standing in the World! Who in their Right Mind would come to any country being ran by Terrorists? There Is No Resistence Hence No Need For A NON-MILITARY Group To Have The Arms and Munittions that hizbullah Has? Take Back Your Country and Expell these Terrorists Once And For All. Inshallah
3. Still EU doesn't name Hezbollah a terrorist organization
Chickens are looking for oil and sell their soul for it. Exceptions are the good people of Bulgaria, since WW2. Thank you bulgarians for your brave attitude, history proven noble people!
airdrone pilot ,   world   (02.06.13)
4. What's Funny About WHERE hizbullah
Has Taken Up in the south and south of litani river? They did this BECAUSE They KNOW this Land Was Ancient Jewish land of the Northern Kingdom Of Judah!!!!!!!!!!!! This land ran east into what the brits named syria and south into trans-jordan who was also named by the brits!!! All this land is north and east of jordan river!
5. Hmmm
It might be time for yet another piece of "unexploded Israeli ordnance left over from 2006" to go off in Lebanon.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.13)
6. Where do you think a death cult would lead you?
dummies ,   America   (02.06.13)
7. the mossad doesn't need an indictment
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.06.13)
8. Which wing does Nasrallah belong to? Wing Shming Ping
Alan ,   SA   (02.07.13)
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