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Egypt PM in hot water over 'unclean breasts' remarks    Reuters
1. Apparantly Kandil was breast-fed by a goat
since, according to him, moslem women have dirty breasts. Sure can't say much positive about the adults their children grow up to be, though.
A ,   Belgium   (02.08.13)
2. The PM verifies...
..that the burka is a special belongings for islamic followers. When putting the burka on their women, they can be abused without anyone knowing, beating, burning, acid terror and so on. No wonder those burka-dressed islamic follers do not care abouth the odor created or lack of is just the nature of islam, keeping their women as their lowest creatures...
Bear White ,   Norway   (02.09.13)
3. make peace with Israel
and they will help your decrepit country learn how to live and prosper.
real vision ,   usa   (02.09.13)
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