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Monday: Netanyahu, Bennett to meet for first time in 5 years    Moran Azulay
1. Is Naftali Bennett the Messiah?
Could Bennet be the Moshiach? Once he has access to the Knesset podium microphone,people will see what a calibre chap Nafatali is. Kerry & Obama are really flying in with one goal: to order Bibi not to accept Bennett because he would block the NWO plan for a PLO state and a divided Jerusalem.From Sarah Netanyahu to the Ashdod Port workers,from the Shasniks to the CFR...they are afraid of Bennett. Pray for him!
Nonny ,   Safed   (02.10.13)
2. these two should already form a government
bennet must surely understand that the by far the most pressing issue facing israel is the shia terror entity with its nuclear weapons program and many terror tentacles. hence, they should agree on a security post for bennet. lapid should be given a post of importance, just to keep him happy, but not in security.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.10.13)
3. Hospitals and the Poor
Hospitals the Poor and Military Dterreance and Defense of civilians before settlement expansion .Bring in a labor faction of fourteen.
Zechariah   (02.10.13)
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