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Mayor invites Obama to Tel Aviv    Gilad Morag
1. Rabin Square in Tel Aviv?
No. Adress to the People of Israel in its eternal and undivided capital: Jerusalem. Or donĀ“t ask for anything at all to the People of Israel.
Uzziel   (02.12.13)
2. why left is anti-democratic. you lost the election. get used
to it.
ralph   (02.12.13)
3. What kind of protection will israel provide? Knowing how th
non -jew is treated in israel.
James ,   USA   (02.12.13)
4. Tel Aviv?
Do you really believe Obama will want to speak in Tel Aviv? I suspect he would prefer Temple Mount and to set up an image of himself while there. Throw up a quick altar and put his own easter ham on it.
DavidR ,   USA   (02.12.13)
5. We don't get self respect from our fawning politicians!In-
stead of proudly being on the "no-show for Obama"-list, they already are standing in line for the measly photo op!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.12.13)
6. Why do you want Obama?
He has a very bad track record...each country where he spoke or had some sort of influenece is now in major trouble, this includes this wonderful USA. He is doing his best to bring hell to America.
Rosie   (02.12.13)
7. Thank you Shmulik!
It couldn't be more clear than what you said here. "let him come to the other side of the country" shows you believe Judea and Samaria are already annexed. "here is where the conflict with the Arabs is". No kidding. Wonder why?
Ed ,   USA   (02.12.13)
8. Will the invitation still stand after he visits Mecca Ka'aba
and prays there? Probably, leftists have no self survival instincts
Marco ,   Spain   (02.12.13)
9. Obama & Rabin: Two losers!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (02.12.13)
10. @3 Ignorance
How the non-Jew is treated in Israel? Just what do you know about the whole picture, in context? I hope your comment is just pseudo-witty anti-Israel talkback rhetoric, and that you don't really believe your slur. Don't forget that some of us actually live here in Israel, and we know what you do not: the Truth. Anyway, where I live in blue collar working man Haifa, no one even cares about Obama or wants him to visit. He's just another American president, aka flash-in-the-pan.
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (02.12.13)
11. #3 Treated like anyone else...
It's in the constitution.
12. Leftists hijacking Obama?
Seems that way. Desperate election loosers.
Alex   (02.12.13)
13. President Obams should Visit PM Sharon in Hospice
If Obama wants to pay respect to an Israeli hero who has advanced peace more than any other person in the region he should visit PM Sharon who is in a coma.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.12.13)
14. Prepare massive Unwelcome Wagon for Obama.
Obama is being welcomed by the same lunatic leftists who want a 9 mile wide Israel. The same idiots who gave us: *The Oslo Disaster, which cost Israel thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. * Fleeing South Lebanon, which brings us endless war and rockets. * Disengagement, which brings us even more war and rockets. * Freeing terrorists, which costs us countless maimed and murdered civilians. Israel's vast patriotic majority should prepare a massive Unwelcome Wagon for the most hostile and incompetent U.S. President Israel has ever faced.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
15. The odds of Obama visiting ....
... either Rabin Square or the Shomron are between slim and none. Keep in mind he doesn't even really want to visit Israel at all. The only reason he is coming at all is because he tried to summon Netanyahu to Washington, and Netanyahu declined, citing pressing internal matters (taking Sara shopping, et cetera).
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.12.13)
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