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Vandals desecrate Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem    Noam (Dabul) Dvir, AP
1. religion strikes again !
Rebecca ,   holon   (02.14.13)
2. Hardly political.... was obviously a racist attack.
Robert ,   Australia   (02.14.13)
3. Oh, it was vandalism, alright
But not by the Jews. No Jew would spraypaint a Star of David on a Moslem grave. That would be desecration of the symbol of the Jewish people. Looks like the work of Arab vandals. Sick puppies, aren't they -- desecrating their own graves.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
4. @3 Your right
This wasn't the work of Jews but ultra nationalist Zionists
Susan ,   Manchester   (02.14.13)
Saul killed thousands,David killed 10 thous and Moses killed 1/2 the tribe and Samson was a natural born killer. When will you peace loving Jews face the facts and give a eye for eye pay back for the murder of are people?
Boaz ,   Houston Tx   (02.14.13)
6. Interestingly enough #3 and #4 have contradictory and yet
equally valid points. Bottom line, we cannot draw conclusion either way. Let's wait for investigation to complete. PS. If indeed it were Jews I would be doubly disgusted than if it were done to Jews. We are not khazerim and I do not want us to become such.
leo ,   usa   (02.14.13)
7. Desecration of graves
I don't understand... Visit Har HaZeitim and you will see that desecration is a daily...I stand corrected, nightly event. It never makes news. Why this story?
Yaakov Danieli ,   Skokie, Ill., USA   (02.14.13)
8. To No. 3.
You are right. Jews could never undertake such actions. Indeed, it is a little known fact that it was a member of Al-Qaeda who used the name 'Baruch Goldstein' in the infamous mosque attack.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (02.14.13)
9. To: No. 4
Jewish graves have been desecrated for centuries by all manner of faiths. It happens in Europe more frequently than you may realize, but it doesn't get reported. The Jordanians used tombstones from the Mount of Olives to pave latrines. So, even if this vandalism was the work of Jews -- and I really do not believe it was -- well, payback sure can be a bitch.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
10. #3 "No Jew would do such a thing"
You sound like Erdogan: "Muslims don't kill people!" Hopefully at some point you'll both get your heads out of the sand.
Jeff ,   USA   (02.14.13)
11. # 8 Good answer, Bertram
Fantastic post... but she never learns...
Jacob Yeka   (02.14.13)
12. To: No. 8
Did he spraypaint a Jewish star anywhere before he opened fire?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
13. Sarah B as usual does not get it.
Sarah B as usual does not understand. This is a disgrace to Judaism, it is typical of the "values" of the hill top youth who desecrate religion in their failure to understand that Judaism is a religion with real value, it is not a land grab, and it is not some sort of mimicked feeling of racil superiority. Sarah B may be delighted that Jews have descended to the sort of revolting behavior exhibited by many Moslems, I find it soemthing that is tragic.
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (02.14.13)
14. There are cameras all over the area wonder what will happen
Some Facts. The graves are in a park in the center of Jerusalem. People of all religions and races spend time in this park. There is no evidence given that Jews carried this out yet. I am not denying the possibility but innocent until proven guilty. a number of "Price tag" Attacks have be found to be done by Arabs (was a case up North lately). Price taggers are said by Authorities to be mostly living inside the green line so are not "Settlers" but a radical fringe group with minimal support. I am totally against the discrimination of gravestones, mosques, churches or anything else. Even as an Atheist where holy sites and afterlife are not a big deal, i am a big believer in respect if there is no subjugation. Interesting how there are monthly attacks (Maybe more often) on Jewish gravestones both in Israel and abroad (another attack in Europe reported in Israeli news the past week cant recall where). As i mentioned by my understanding there are cameras throughout the park so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who carried out the attack if the police are interested in the truth.
Jerusalemite   (02.14.13)
15. this is a shamefull act
One can make war to the ennemy but one should respect the deads wherever they are.
Grey   (02.14.13)
16. #3 - Sick puppies,...
It looks like your border guard goons had a night out on furlough ;) ,... It would be prudent to check for any assaults on mentally chalenged Palis that night ;) ,...
split ,   US   (02.14.13)
17. Sarah B., payback and the abyss
Confucious wrote, "If you contemplate revenge, prepare two graves". Payback is a bitch but it also has a way of boomeranging on our souls and humanity. I too am a member of a survivor family but the lessons we drew and I was taught from the loss of grandparents and nearly all our blood relatives is obviously quite different from yours. Or as Nietsche said, "when you stare into the Abyss the Abyss stares back at you". So be happy in your own personal hell, I don't plan on joining you any time soo.
avramele   (02.14.13)
18. To No. 12
So, Jewish criminals observe proprieties when it comes to Jewish symbols. So, had Goldstein spray-painted the Star of David in the Mosque before he opened fire his Jewish credentials would have to be doubted. Well done. I hope everyone is following you.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (02.14.13)
19. To#9#
I well know, my Great Grandfather,s was one of them.
Ruben Jacobi ,   U.K.   (02.14.13)
20. this will backfire
If these is continued anti arab chanting at football matches and vandalism on arab graves then it is going to put pressure on the government to start going all out to do things for the arabs. Possibly even invite arabs into the coalition just to prove a point. Jews & arabs will never be able to live together peacefully. We will have times of calm but at the end of the day even if we don't want to admit it we hate each other.
zionist forever   (02.14.13)
21. Jerusalem the United City! Yok!!!
miki ,   tampa   (02.14.13)
22. To: No. 18
Your usual "logic" at work, I see. One plus one equals four hundred and sixteen.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
23. To No. 22
You're babbling now. I know you find it difficult to consider anything which might conflict with your prejudices, but surely even you can do better than this.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (02.15.13)
24. To: No. 21
No, Jerusalem the eternal capital of the State of Israel. Tell me -- are you offended that only Moslems are permitted to enter Mecca? I suspect not -- you take it as a perfectly legitimate position. I guess you have no idea how many Jews used to live in Saudi Arabia, including Mecca, before they were all slaughtered by Moslem hordes. So, when that great glorious day comes that only Jews are permitted to enter Jerusalem -- you'll have nothing to say, right? Fair's fair, after all. Isn't it? If they can, why can't we? We don't like the idea of tref entering our eternal capital.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.13)
25. To: No. 23
Bertram, the sun has yet to rise on a day when you can outthink me. In point of fact, it never will. Give it up -- you're embarrassing yourself. By the way -- if it's based in fact, it's not a prejudice. It's reality. Perhaps you may wish to spend some time exploring the difference.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.13)
26. To: No. 17
A member of a survivor family quoting Nietsche? Now, why do I find that strange?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.13)
27. Disgusting Acts of Vandalism
I think desecrating graves of any religion is a vile act and i hope they catch whoever is responsible.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.16.13)
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