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4 Border Guards convicted of abusing helpless Palestinian    Elior Levy
1. abusing mentally disabled Palestinian
So low it makes me puke !!! That's just a tiny tip of an iceberg, God knows how many abuse cases like this one and worst never see the daylight ,...
split ,   US   (02.14.13)
These men should rot in jail for a long time...
Average Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.14.13)
3. Proof of the pudding...
Vicious and stupid. The proof of the pudding is them actually filming themselves behaving in this disgusting and sickening manner. They were convicted, but what kind of punishment will they receive? Any at all?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.14.13)
4. If those were Palestinians
If they were Palestinians they would not be charged with "Intimidation." They would be charged with KIDNAPPING, TORTURE, AND ASSAULT. The Israeli public would be calling them "Terrorists." Yet these soldiers are changed with "Intimidation?"
David ,   San Francisco   (02.14.13)
5. The video nobody needs to see? responsible media
The video nobody needs to see? responsible media? A person whom works for a strict intelligence org has a responsibility not to rat on his bosses. This is the same in IDF non-disclosure of sensitive info is a way of life. Thecode is similar for many countries and organisations. People whom drop their country dont deserve mercy. Halachah is against people whom want to tell it all. Why does Ynet news find it so necessary expose this. Surely dead or alive Israeli media has a responsibility to step in line and show respect for the code that has survived since Adam. Does the media never have rules.
Martin ,   SA   (02.14.13)
6. Oh for Pete's sake:give them a break; they're "Border Police
aren't they?? What do you expect, the brightest & finest?!! That's what happens when dimwits get arms & sense of power. It happens on much higher scale in daily politics! Anywhere & everywhere...
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.14.13)
7. 4 more israeli hero's. They would become generals if they
were in the IDF
Jim   (02.14.13)
8. #7
Your wrong Jim these kind of horrible incidents sadden and shame most Israelis. You notice the people who did this to this poor man were on trial and are now convicted. When did a Palestinian court ever convict an Arab terrorist of murdering an Israeli civilian? The answer is never because the terrorists are regarded as heroes by many in the Arab societies.
sarah   (02.14.13)
9. Lowlife pieces of garbage
How in the world do these people get those type of jobs and responsibility. Simply disgusting.
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.14.13)
10. To Sara
Don't be so naive. What will the sentences be? A slap on the wrist. That is the common sentence for any law enforcement personnel convicted here.
Lior ,   Jerusalem, IL   (02.15.13)
11. Weren't there any old ladies available?
Robert ,   Australia   (02.15.13)
12. Mismar Hagavul
If I thought this represented Israel and Zahal, I'd hate us too !
Lauren ,   Israel   (02.15.13)
13. The most moral army in the world
The state of Palestine should collectively punish all Israelis for this kind of behavior. That would make Israel tastes its own medicine
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