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MK Feiglin says nothing wrong with shaking women's hands    Akiva Novick
1. Ridiculous subject
He shook a girl's hand, so what? There are much more important subjects to be discussing about.
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (02.14.13)
2. Of course not!
Fun fact: In it's long list of prohibited sexual activities, the Torah never lists sex outside marriage as prohibited. Nahmanides and other rabbis and Jewish authorities permitted it. It was the puritanical rabbis of the Talmud who began this puritan culture. In one story, they wouldn't even let a lovesick man speak to his lover from behind a fence or something. Then, rabbis banned men from hearing women singing and imposing all these modesty laws. Now, I understand that you need to interpret the law a certain way. But the Torah has a clear list of things you are not supposed to do sexually, and this is not one of them. Their only justification is a passage in the Torah calling on you not to turn your daughter into a whore. Pretty flimsy.
Vlad   (02.14.13)
3. Moshe isn't an "ultra-rightest"
Ynet, stop with this nonsense. Moshe Feiglin is not extreme or ultra, he has a wide variety of well thought out opinions on different subjects. Shame on you for falsely labeling someone! Would you want to be treated this way??
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.14.13)
4. Shaking hands with women???.!
Whatever next?!!
Sam ,   Kfar saba   (02.15.13)
5. sick subject
Whatever happened to the Israel we all loved? Won the Six Day War. Staunchly secular. Forward looking. What are the Haredim and the ultra-orthodox doing to this country? Get this morons out of the public space!
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (02.15.13)
6. I like Feiglin more and more. Torah is Truth, not fences for
fences for fences. otherwise you lose site of the house....the mitzvah
hipocrates ,   earth   (02.15.13)
7. It is the state of heart that God looks at - not hands!
Jouko ,   Finland   (02.15.13)
8. Shaking Hands
You erred in yhe wording. It's shaking glands not hands. Thus the confusion. You can find it in the torrah.
The Bald Scotsma ,   Tampa, USA   (02.15.13)
9. Never mind that I cannot disprove god's existence, these
clowns seem to KNOW that The Merciful One doesn't shake hands! Surly people contemplating such weighty issues of human relationship can be trusted with anything else...?-NOT!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.15.13)
10. Some refuse 2 shake woman's hand BUT can visit a PROSTITUT.
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (02.15.13)
11. Felgin is just trying to tone down his image
Felgin is known for his extreme right positions on some they are so extreme they are not based on logic and totally unworkable. He is a very religious man and he doesn't want to be seen as a haredi radical. The fact he is suddenly coming out in support gays & canabis shows this is all to put across the image of a much more reasonable man and this is about image only
zionist forever   (02.15.13)
12. The right can't unite then can't be trusted
First they're too stupid to unite (except in empty shows right before elections), then it turns out they're not on the right at all...
Maniu   (02.15.13)
13. shaking hands
#2 hearing woman sing: Source is Berachos 24A Yes its rabbis saying it, but it doesnt mean that they were making a decree, rather they were using a verse in shir hashirim to peove that a womans singing voice is enticing. Secondly, the Torah itself has a verse " lo skrivu lgalos ervah" How do you understand that? Its not a decree by the rabbis, The torah itself prohibits things that will lead you to do a sin of a sexual nature. As for interpreting this verse: Havent you ever heard of Torah shebaal peh?
david ,   jerusalem   (02.15.13)
14. Mr. Feiglin is a wise and good man
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (02.15.13)
15. #1 Immodesty issues
You are not familiar with our traditions, are you, dear? We are guided by commandments and teachings that go beyond our understanding and rationale. It is not to us to challenge divine rulings... just obey.
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (02.15.13)
16. Inconsistent
This is the same guy who can't keep himself away from the Temple Mount, right?
Doug ,   U.S.   (02.15.13)
17. guided by....
Sarah (of 15): YOU are guided by commandment and teachings but the rest of us are not. Keep your religious nonsense to yourself and keep out of the public space with this garbage.
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (02.15.13)
18. I think Feiglin actually said it's okay...
to shake hands with a women only if you are homosexual and doing soft drugs.
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (02.15.13)
19. Those commandment and teachings go beyond anyones
understanding. They are premodern bronze-age desert dweller hokus pokus. But you are one of those sorry people who do not even have the guts to question them out of fear of your imaginary "friend" up there..
Immodest One ,   Frankfurt   (02.15.13)
20. Correct etiquette, please!
According to the rules of formal etiquette, it is for the woman to extend or withhold her hand. A man does not extend his hand to a woman, unless he greatly outranks her and is required to act first. A woman like the Queen who is expected to extend her hand graciously, does so wearing gloves. When men shake hands they remove gloves, but a women do not.
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.15.13)
21. Acts of endearment
In the States I recall beng taught back in the 1960's that if a woman offers her hand, one simply shakes it as a polite formality, because we no longer consider shaking hands an act of endearment. On the other hand frum women did not offer their hand to men outside their family.
Joe ,   Baltimore, USA   (02.15.13)
22. Shaking hands
During a holiday in Israel I, a gentile woman, was introduced to an untra orthodox man with knitted kippa, and I offered him my hand to say hello. He took it without hesitation, and only later an Israeli friend told me that he was not really allowed to take my hand. He only did so because he was polite and did not want to offend me. So I learnt a lesson and have no problem not shaking hands with people who don't want it.
Inge Detlefsen ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (02.15.13)
23. Number 4. Whatever next?
First you shake hands, then they want to vote, then become MK's, then be ordained as Rabbis, and then wear tefillin and tallis at the Western Wall Plaza instead of Robinson's Arch. It's better not to start!... One thing leads to another, just as a butterfly shaking its wings in New Zealand causes Hurricane ...
Akiva ,   NYC   (02.15.13)
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