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Sources: Security prisoners 'disappear' in Israeli jails    Noan (Dabul) Dvir
1. who apparently committed suicide
Allegedly not apparently until is proven if it ever be ,...
split ,   US   (02.15.13)
2. So what
If you are a traitor Jewish Muslim or Christian you can be sure you will disappear . Don't be dumb and don't do it. You will get caught and you will pay the price It has nothing to do with democracy nor the BS freedom of expression. I am better than you does not apply when the security of a nation is in danger.
David ,   On this planet   (02.15.13)
3. This is scaring!
Thank you Ynet for the courage on reporting sensitive matter like this one. Israel can not behave this way and if such practices do exist,they must be erradicated! I donĀ“t like this kind of "Israel".Israel is not about injustice and a bully police. This must certainly be corrected and fast and I hope it will!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.15.13)
4. David you are naive.
Perhaps Zeiger was a traitor, perhaps not, but "prisoner X" might be you or I tomorrow. The Shabak and the Mossad are judge,jury and executioner, and they are out of control. Noone can stop them doing whatever they want to protect their invisible empire.The press is the last bastion of freedom, which is why gag orders and self censorship must be stopped especially when the nation is in danger.
Joe Wyse ,   Givat Olga   (02.15.13)
5. Prisoners Vanish
Stalin Rules
Harold ,   USA   (02.15.13)
6. #2 David
Are related to Stalin or Hitler. Wise-up
Harold ,   USA   (02.15.13)
7. Nothing like this happens in other (western) countries!
Untill it does. We just don't know! That journalists/newspapers write about this (spy) story in their headlines is understandable. It gets them their 15 minutes of fame.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.16.13)
8. Security
Ziegler had a lawyer and he is not allowed to talk On a humane level the case is distressing because Israel has atomic bombs and a strong army even second strike submarines.There are enormous security threats but power and ego lead to war crimes .The only thing is the Islamic are much worse everywhere .The Jews are under constant threat and need horrific Deterrant capacicity.
Zechariah   (02.16.13)
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