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France considers recognition of Hezbollah as terror group    Roi Kais
1. What took Europe so long to declare Hezb'allah
a terrorists entity? Anti semitism? Come on Europe Hezb'allah, Al Aqeda, the pals, PA and Hamas are ALL terrorists agencies. And, you boys have played ball with them repeatedly, every time you critique Israel. Think about it.....
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.16.13)
2. Enlist, finally
European Union better recognize the facts and thus finally enlist Hezbollah as what it represents: a terrorist organization.
Jouni Suonsivu ,   Finland   (02.16.13)
3. what took you so long? end.
Tanya ,   Auckland NZ   (02.16.13)
4. EU Speaks... Does Anybody Listen
EU is full of cowards and anti-Semites. All Jews should leave europe before it is too late and they perpetrate yet another holocaust. All the arabs residing in Israel can go to europe and or jordan which is the true palestine.
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (02.16.13)
5. A Day Late And A Dollar Short!
Is uk still part of eu? If not Will The Queens parliament join in Late As Well ?
6. AN EXCUSE...........THEY FOUND ONE......#3
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.16.13)
7. It's high time for Europe to clean the
Hezbollah dirt.
8. Terror attacks
As far as terror attacks are outside Europe it s ok you CAN go on hesb, But infortunately you cross red Line Bulgarie Is in Europe and this Time you re out
Michel ,   Paris France   (02.16.13)
9. What took so long? Simple
A Hezbollah attack took place in Bulgaria, a member of the EU, in Europe. That makes it a much more important issue than if it would have happened in Israel.
A ,   Belgium   (02.16.13)
10. From your side of the road, Mahmood, it
looks like an excuse. From my side, it looks like this rabid, criminal, terrorist and troglodyte Hezbollah will finally and hopefully go down the sewer where they actually belong. So, not everything you are in awe with are other people's apple of their eyes.
One of the millions ,   of Europeans   (02.16.13)
11. And in other news...
The French government is considering issuing a declaration that water is, in fact, wet. If the initiative is passed, the EU is expected to follow suit as well.
Chatich   (02.16.13)
12. Hezbollah have not comitted any act of terror
The have only defended their land from zionists. Thus whole probe has the hallmarks of zionism all over it. They did the same fixing of the argentine terror attack probe and are now up in arms about a truth comission set up between iran and argintina. Who would be against such an initiative other than the guilty?
Holy Warrior ,   Uk   (02.16.13)
13. Hezbollah
Late better than never, for french and others to recognize that Hezbollah a terrorist organization .
Lebanese 2 ,   TN. USA   (02.16.13)
14. Bravo to Paristine
I mean Palestine, i mean Paris. Silly me, i was confused for a minute there. Hopefully Londonistan, i mean London will also follow suit. I keep getting confused on the names now. Three cheers for israel.
Iranian H   (02.16.13)
15. hezbolla
as is anybody believes they killed their own to prove what they already know !keep it real dude
alfred ,   usa   (02.17.13)
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