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AG's wife charged with illegally employing migrant     Telem Yahav
1. Famous for greed with no limit ,...
Is there any polititcian that's not investigated, charged or in prison in Israel? ,...
split ,   US   (02.17.13)
2. 1 just proves that Israel takes the law seriously
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
3. throw aviva in jail
the wife of a seasoned attorney didnt' kno any better. and weinstein sat there ignorant of the situation??!! Come on- he knew everything. Throw his wife in jail for a short time. anbd weinstein is preaching honesty , truth and justice to leiberman??!! Corruption explodes out of these MKs.
alexi   (02.18.13)
4. Weinstein should resign
This country needs to stop being a banana republic. You're indicted, you resign. Your wife and you are one entity. When you're wife breaks the law, especially in housework - no way you didn't know about it. Rabin resigned the PM for a much less serious offense of his wife's: a US bank account. All the more so should the AG resign for his wife hiring an ILLEGAL worker.
Yehuda ,   Givat Shmuel   (02.18.13)
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