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Watch: N. Korean video shows Obama in flames    Associated Press
1. they can do a lot of thing with a craked photoshop...
CB   (02.20.13)
2. This Wet Behind The Ears Punk kim jung un
Needs A Spanking, For Real! What Is With All The Bravado? Ummm its almost like the belligerence coming Straight form tehran?
3. North Korea
One-day all of this will finish very badly but I am not sure for who
Edouard ,   Canada   (02.21.13)
4. Anti u.s. Video
There is no valid reason why north korea is not a smoking hole in the ground. Like iran, they make their intentions very clear. The U.S. Should take them at their word and preemptively destroy their ability to wage war. Let the world scream. They cant and wont do anything in response. In truth, most will breathe a sigh of relief at the neutralization of this mad dog.
Larry ,   Northridge,usa   (02.21.13)
5. N.Korea is a demented country, literally:it's population sta
rved to the bone has produced generations of children with diminished capacities. It would be doing them a favor; putting them out of their collective misery. Obviously they're beyond any home-grown resistance movement, thus there's no hope for any different future. Too bad, but it will be done one day.
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.21.13)
6. To # 3 - I agree
America likes to bury its head in the sand and under-estimate its enemies - the result 9/11. North Korea & Iran are working hand in hand to obtain nuclear warheads and the ability to deliver them. Both countries are motivated by irrational philosophies. Both countries loathe and detest America. The Amateurs in the White House and the cowardly Europeans will watch and talk while these two countries build and destroy. One can almost feel what it was like 75 years ago when an impotent world allowed Hitler to rise to power. And now Kerry & Hagel will be joining the party - wow - what luck for NK & Iran.
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