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Messi to promote peace in Israel     Mickey Schwartz
1. Against a Jewish-Moslim team? what about Christians? we exis
t also here and we have a msg of peace.
Anton ,   East Jerusalem   (02.21.13)
2. "Israeli Peace Team" can start changing history's course.
Anything and everything that will bring the parties to the peace table is worth supporting. Let sport be a first step, no matter how small.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.21.13)
3. A refreshingly positive gesture
Not taking one side or the other...but promoting urging and calling for understanding, cooperation and most of all negotiations between Palestinians and Israel that will ensure Palestinian Statehood and Israels Security And its funny how time and again its shown how people like him by their example and actions carry much more weight and respect from both sides than those who choose to villify Israel or Palestinians to simply widen and exacerbate the divide We need more voices like him....
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.21.13)
4. Separate sports from politics!
A shameful initiative. After the match the Arabs will not love us more.
vladimir ,   The Holy City   (02.21.13)
5. @4 vlad re sports & politics
unfortunately the muslim mindset isn't capable of this type of enlighten thinking the first to pan the concept out of the qoestion will/is (as I write this) PA Football Finding Peacefol/inovative solutions isn't in their DNA in this generation.
Ralph ,   australia   (02.22.13)
6. Football
I want to draw your attention to a Facebook page called Face the Bridge where we post examples of Jewish and Arab people doing things together. The latest posting was about this football event. The posting got extra promotion and right now 25,416 people have seen the post, almost all of them Arabs not from Israel. We did get some hate mails, but all in all the response is very positive, also regarding our other postings. chag purim sameach!
Dorith ,   Israel   (02.23.13)
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