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Yesh Atid enjoys surge in popularity    Moran Azulay
1. Wow, this is Obama all over again:Nobel Prize next?
This bloke hasn't done anything yet and the rabble is already erecting monuments! What a depressing thing to witness....really!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.21.13)
2. Convince Haredim to Fight and Pray
This reveals the Jews of Israel want the Haredim to Fight Pray and Learn and Work A Full Jewish life Exemptions for those Physically and Mentally Unable.
Zechariah   (02.21.13)
3. A clear message: extreme positions not acceptable.
Israelis want a nation which is willing to negotiate with its neighbors, ready to work on its internal problems, which will not tolerate right, left, religious or any other extreme position. This is very positive for the future of Israel. Netanyahu can still join what Israelis want, or just pack up and go home. This poll shows to Lapid and Bennett they are on the right track and that they should not compromise their principles.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.21.13)
4. Bennet is playing a very bad hand
bennet is managing to undermine netanyahu while rewarding lapid with no real benefit to his own party. bennet is increasing the bad blood between himself and netanyahu and thereby making a smooth functioning coaliton government all the more difficult. bennet needs to grow up.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.21.13)
5. I can't believe this...
Israelis will cast such a massive vote for a journalist, even with good ideas, who doesn't have a clue how to lead the nation in these difficult time??? without any experience? this will be a disaster...
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.21.13)
6. Something askew with this poll
which may be population sampled for survey. 50% approve Livni joining but 46% do not want Lapid to join seems disjointed. Interpret this to mean majority want a more shared 'burden', more people working their way, more housing along with othr social issues. Lapid has a chance to join and help resolve these matter instead he takes my way only position. Compromises need to move progress forward
Gields ,   USA   (02.21.13)
7. Lapid: Meet the new boss . . .
"On Wednesday, Lapid slammed Livni for agreeing to divide Jerusalem and withdrawing from Ariel." . . . same as the old boss.
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (02.22.13)
8. Lapid win 30 seats? Not a chance.
Lapid has done nothing since the election to merit such a huge increase in popularity. There is not a chance Lapid would win 30 seats.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.22.13)
9. poll reflects Bibi getting into the mud
Its never popular having to be a true leader. In this case, Bibi has to pull together a diverse and volatile group. Lapid only has to sit and watch and decide if he wants to join or not. Therefore, your poll lacks vision and is untimely reflecting a desire to manipulate your audience.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (02.22.13)
10. Lapid case is something yet to be unveiled
The men hasn´t spoken almost anything after elections,and now it appears this strange poll with these results? Why this poll now?What´s the use of it in this moment?Perhaps a maneuver to drive the public,as many polls are intended? I keep thinking ,untill proven contrary,that Lapid is a card being played by the governmental stablishment and I´m afraid tha Lapid is fully aware of that and is submissive to the play. Hopefully Lapid is not going to come out as a very unpleasant and sudden "surprise".
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.22.13)
11. the system can only just barely be called a democratic
So far Bennet has stood behind Lapid through thick and thin and both he and Bennet know that Bibi cannot form a government without one or both of them and if he cannot form a coalition by March then another election will be held. If Lapid thinks he can win an election he may well push Bennet to stay out of the coalition no matter what Bibi offers and force an election. Assuming that Bennet does agree to join the coalition Lapid will probably want to stay in opposition. In opposition he can make a name for himself continue promoting his popularist policies yet and when the next election does come he will still be whiter than white so he can go into the election talking about all his promises and criticising the government. Somebody like Lapid would loose support if he is in government making the tough choices rather than just talking about them so he wants to wait till the timing is perfect before he is going to get into muddy water. This election more than any other shows the current political system only borders democracy because whilst the public elect the parties ( not individuals ) once the parties have won their seats the formation of a government is based on tactics and payoffs. More support for yeshivot for the religious, hared draft for Lapid, social justice for Shelly, nobody joins the coalition unless they get paid. Its more like a business deal than a democratic process.
zionist forever   (02.22.13)
12. Still need the Palmach for Peace
Zechariah   (02.26.13)
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